How Fossil Fuel Money Made Climate Change Denial the Word of God


If you read what I post, (hat tip to all three of you), then you are perhaps aware that there are two topics that tend to dominate my daily scribbling, namely religious belief, and climate change. What is perhaps fascinating to me is the combination of both of these topics and so the denial of … Read more

UK Folks Only – “Continuous payments authority” – Debunking the myths

If you do not live in the UK, then skip this article, it is not for you – If you do, then keep going. There is a myth currently doing the rounds via the UK media and also via the guidance issued by UK banks. Even the Office of Fair Trading has got it wrong. … Read more

Religion & Money – Where does the $$ come from, and where does it go?

Belief is a very powerful tool for gathering wealth, and because of this some of the wealthiest organisations around are religious groups that also often attract followers that are quite poor. Here now are some interesting statistics that list where some of the main players get their wealth from, how much they have, and what they spend it on. I confess that some of this was a surprise to me.

Looking down the list, if I was to vote which were the slimiest scumbags around, its really difficult to decide between Scientology, Catholicism, and Televangelism.

  • The catholics have spent over half a billion in compensation to abuse victims and also kept a pile of plundered Nazi gold for themselves
  • The scientologists have simply scammed all their loot
  • The Televangelists use all donations for ‘God’s work’ to maintain a life of luxury

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