Climate Action Summit Report: Impacts are accelerating

climate change impacts

On eve of climatre action summit, world’s leading climate science organizations jointly produced a landmark new report … “United In Science”

Climate Change: You want me to do what?

climate change

When it comes to dealing with Climate Change we perhaps think about big ticket items such as coal fired power stations. On a far smaller scale what exactly can we as individuals do that will really make a difference, if anything? We often strive to recycle, and to also use more efficient lightbulbs, but are … Read more

Climate Change Impacts: Regional heatwaves


The impact that climate change has upon Hurricanes is perhaps now appreciated on a wider scale. The additional warming feeds the engine that drives Hurricanes and makes them more intense. The warmer air also carries more moisture, and a rising sea level increases the impact of the tidal surges that such storms generate. Is it … Read more

The Internet greatly disrupts religious belief

If you are religious and you are also rather eager to keep your religious belief intact and safe, then you need to stop reading right now, log off, kill your social media accounts and never ever log back in again. You might perhaps think I’m teasing and am not serious, but I’m dead serious because there … Read more