Do we now need a Category 6 for a Hurricane?

hurricane category 6

The Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale describes five distinct categories for Hurricanes. The name is of course rooted in who it all came from. Back in 1971, Herbert Saffir and also Robert Simpson created it as a simple way to communicate the impact that a Hurricane was about to have and so assigning a specific category set expectations regarding the potential … Read more

Climate Change: The intensification of super typhoons

Back in 2006 when stopped at a gas station on my way to the remote town of Trinidad on the southern coast of Cuba I was approached by a chap who asked for a lift. That is quite normal there, if you drive with an empty car then you would feel guilty if you had no passengers. It is … Read more

Was Hurricane Sandy the product of global warming?

It sounds like a simple question, and you might assume that the answer is either “Yes” of “No”, but the truth is that neither answer is correct. I very much like the way that Tom Chivers has described it in the Telegraph … Imagine you have a big fairground Wheel of Fortune thing, with the … Read more