Ahmadinejad’s 8 Years of Lies on Iran’s Human Rights

Answering Ahmadinejad’s Lies Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in New York, along with 140 people. At a time when many Iranians are struggling with economic hardship because of sanctions, this party of Iranian Royalty will be staying at the £1,000 a night Warwick hotel, now there is a real kick in the teeth for the people … Read more

Sunni Islam vs western Human Rights – “Incompatible” claims Grand Imam

In all variations of belief and non-belief you will find some truly eccentric individuals who spout outrageous ideas. While they can all indeed be mocked and ridiculed, most can also be safely ignored. However, when community leaders, politicians, or clerics take up the mantle of insanity, then it is time to truly worry, not just … Read more

Egyptian sent to jail for 3 years for insulting Islam on Facebook!!!

In today’s UK Guardian, Khaled Diab (a Belgian-Egyptian journalist and writer), writes about the very disturbing turn of events in Egypt in which bloggers are being jailed. Apparently the new regime have cracked down on bloggers who ‘insult’ either the military council or religion. He writes … The revolution seems to have made the Egyptian … Read more