Yesterday, 4th July 2012, “one of the great days in the history of science”

Yesterday, 4th July 2012,  was indeed one of the great days in the history of science, and hopefully I need not explain why, instead here are a few quotes that I picked up … Brian Cox … This is without doubt in my opinion the biggest scientific discovery of my lifetime and without doubt one … Read more

Higgs … that Goddamn particle … the big day is tomorrow … its a 4.4 sigma

The rumors are circulating, and it looks like we get official confirmation tomorrow. The expectation is that CERN will announce the discovery of Higgs tomorrow … in terms of a “four-sigma confidence interval”, or to be precise 4.4. Huh? OK, let me explain, it is all about what the numbers tell them. four-sigma = 1 … Read more