‘Anonymous’ plans to ‘destroy’ Facebook on Nov. 5

Anonymous, or to be more literal, some crank claiming to speak for Anonymous, has issued a YouTube press release.. Yes, a YouTube “press release”, thats a new one for me as well, but not a surprise since it is quite clearly far more effective than the more traditional format. As you might imagine, most of the media would have simply ignored it, but doing it via YouTube has already yielded over 2 million hits.

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Will Facebook destroy your brain?

According to this story here in the UK’s Daily Mail, Facebook and Twitter have created a generation obsessed with themselves, who have short attention spans and a childlike desire for constant feedback on their lives. It then carries on to explain that

Baroness Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at Oxford University, believes the growth of internet ‘friendships’ – as well as greater use of computer games – could effectively ‘rewire’ the brain.”

This of course is not only not a new claim, but also has zero evidence. What we have here is an argument from authority, and not a journalistic write-up from some study … let me repeat, just to be sure you get it …

there is no evidence that supports this.

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Facebook = $50 Billion? – Apparently not if you look at the data

Damian Thompson writes today on the telegraph with data that appears to show that anyone who has bought into Goldman Sachs’ $50 billion valuation of Facebook, which is based on projections of revenue growth that seem ludicrously optimistic in the light of the data now available … Here’s a chart showing year-on-year growth (again, click … Read more

Facebook Event – Live Update – FMAIL

This was live blogging of the big Facebook announcement today about Fmail… 09:57 PDT Folks getting ready and taking their seats …  Mark Zuckerberg is about to take the stage to talk presumably Facebook’s new mail client, Project Titan. From what we hear this isn’t just an outgrowth of Facebook’s messaging feature, this will be … Read more

Facebook 666 – Mark of the beast

OK, so I blogged about FB yesterday and now I’m back to it once again today. Its been about four months since FB announced they had 500 Million active users, so if their rate of increase has been sustained, they have now reached 666 Million. Now there is a symbolic number for you to digest … Read more

Things you should never post on Facebook

The Huffington post has an article giving out some good advice (Yikes … did I just use the phrase “Good Advice” and “Huffington Post” in the same sentence? My mind is truly blown away).  Anyway, I’ve distilled it all down for you now, so here it is. You might indeed desire to post anything and … Read more