extinction rebellion
In the face of the overwhelming scientific evidence, a new international social movement called Extinction Rebellion has emerged. Their goal is zero carbon emissions by 2025, and that is just 7 years away. The strategy is not to simply ask or propose, but to actively engage in non-violent protest and […]

Who are Extinction Rebellion (@ExtinctionR)?

green new deal
If the phrase “Green New Deal” brings to mind Roosevelt’s New Deal then you have indeed instantly jumped to the correct image, because this is exactly what the term is designed to do. The idea is to take Roosevelt’s economic stimulus and blend in Green ideas such as renewable energy and resource efficiency […]

What is the Green New Deal?

Twenty years ago back in 1998 an article was published in Nature in which climate scientists presented data that confirmed that the observed warming was unprecedented in at least six centuries… Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries This year those same scientists have published an […]

#Climate Scientists Admit they were wrong