Christopher Hitchens preaches support for the Bible

No, Christopher Hitchens has not  had a sudden conversion, but he has indeed written an article within the May edition of  vanity Fair in full support of the Bible. He argues that our language and culture are incomplete without this 400-year-old book—the King James translation of the Bible. It was spurned by the Establishment, so it really represents a triumph for rebellion and dissent.

Here are a couple of extracts …

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Cynicism by the Book

Christopher Hitchers latest Slate article goes into my “Must read” category. In it he distills his thoughts on both the burning of the Quran by Pastor Stupid in Florida, and the utterly insane (but predictable) reaction within some quarters of the Islamic world. To make it easy, I’ve distilled out a few key points … … Read more

Interview with Christopher Hitchens – 23rd Jan

Brian Lamb, the C-SPAN founder, recorded an interview with Christopher Hitchens on 23rd January … you will want to watch, but make sure you have enough time, its 54 Mins long. In fact this is his 20th Interview with him. Its a very frank, open and honest interview in which they talk about his cancer … Read more

Reflections on Political Violence – Christopher Hitchens

The latest article in Slate last Monday by Christopher Hitchens is (as indicated by the title) a reflection on political violence. Oh so very appropriate and apt given recent events in the US, but more specifically in Pakistan where we have seen the pointless slaughter of an honourable man and a great human being, Salman … Read more

The Blair Hitch Project – Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens has written an article within the February issue of Vanity Fair regarding his thoughts and impressions of Tony Blair. Having debated him during a recent face-to-face debate in Toronto, what impression did Tony leave? … remember now, this is the chap who led the UK into an invasion of Iraq on a very … Read more