Skepticism 101: Fun with Correlations

Today I have some interesting data to share with you. Proof: That we we need to Reduce space exploration Would you like to see the US spending on science, space and technology increase? If so then rather sadly if it does indeed happen, the price we will pay for this is that more people will kill … Read more

Eating Chocolate makes you really really smart … right?

Eating lots of chocolate has been proven to make you a lot smarter. Really? Yep, the details are all in a study published within the New England Journal of Medicine and is entitled Chocolate Consumption, Cognitive Function, and Nobel Laureates. Read and you soon discover that the findings of the author, Dr. Franz H. Messerli, a cardiologist and … Read more

Beware …Correlation is not enough

Correlation does not imply causation Did you know that tomatoes are extremely deadly, and that this is a well-establish fact? What, you doubt that … OK, let me lay out the clear evidence. The facts are that everybody, every single one without exception, who ate one or more tomatoes between the years 1765 and 1812 … Read more