Daft Claim of the week: “Disproving a god is a sad business”

  Charles Moore, the former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator, has written a rather silly article in The Telegraph entitled, “The sad business of trying to disprove God“. You would hardly know it from the froth and spittle that flows freely, but this article is actually a review of … Read more

Book Review: Rob Bell’s “What we talk about when we talk about God”

Rob Bell is a remarkably popular chap, so much so, that in 2011 TIME magazine named him as one of the most influential people on the planet for that year. Is this perhaps because he is a political mover and shaker, or a noteworthy scientist who has garnered an insight that will transform all our lives? No … Read more

Heaven on Earth: a Journey Through Shari’ah Law by Sadakat Kadri

Nicholas Lezard, a literary critic, has a review of  “Heaven on Earth: a Journey Through Shari’ah Law” which has been written by Sadakat Kadri. It does appear to be interesting (I’ve not read the book, just the review), so I’ll not comment too deeply upon it until I’ve finished reading it myself (then again criticism … Read more