Bangladesh blogger Asif Mohiuddin back in jail – This is an outrage

Bangladesh blogger Asif Mohiuddin was brutally stabbed by the Islamists, and then arrested for the crime of being an atheist. He was let out on bail on 27th June and had applied for permanent bail, but the Dhaka Tribune now reports … A Dhaka court on Monday afternoon sent blogger Asif Mohiuddin to jail, rejecting his plea … Read more

What is the harm with belief? … You might like to ask the folks in Bangladesh

Who could possibly have any objection to a religious belief, what harm can it really do? If people wish to believe in God or Allah will it not motivate them to be good people and treat others with fairness, so why not leave them alone to just believe, after all, criticism will simply upset them … Read more

Bangladeshi government is cracking down on bloggers critical of its pro-Islamist stance

The news from Bangladesh is rather grim, the government has been letting Islamic lunatics dictate policy, here are some details from the Huff Po … Asif Mohiuddin, 30, is one of those bloggers. Mohiuddin has only recently recovered from injuries he incurred during an attack on him by a militant Islamist group in January. Detectives … Read more

14-year-old girl lashed to death in Bangladesh

The BBC reports the utterly barbaric death of a 14 year old girl in Bangladesh. Can you possibly guess why? Yep, no surprise or shock, its what we expect. Just one single word sums it all up … “islam”. (Yes, I’ve not used upper-case, I refuse to do so) She was accused of having an … Read more