Apple rumors … the iNano phone

OK, I confess, I’m an Apple geek, so as a bit of a departure from my normal postings, here is some Apple related news, and rumor  ..

In a week full of rumor … iPad2, and even an iPad3 later in the year, we now hear, according to Bloomberg, that Apple is working on a smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone. So, what does it mean if Apple is at work on a device that could be thought of as an “iPhone nano”, how real is this and why would they do it?

So here are some details: Apple has been working on a way to sell a secondary, smaller version of the iPhone at a cheaper price. While they already offer a version of the iPhone that is cheaper than the standard $199 and $299 rates for new models, it has always been last-year’s model simply marked down more steeply, to $99 — and more recently, to $49 as a new iPhone model nears. So does Apple really want to go below $99 or even $49? Well, perhaps not.

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Religious iPhone app banned by Apple

Apparently 47,273 wingnuts have signed a petition demanding that Apple restore a religious iPhone app that has been banned. OK, so what is this all about? Apparently there was a 4,700 word declaration by some ministers. It was made available as an iPhone app and then was banned. So who wrote this? It has three … Read more