Petition: please sign and help create the largest environmental reserve in the world

An ambitious project is underway to create the largest environmental reserve in the world, protecting 135 million hectares of Amazon forest. That’s more than twice the size of France! … but … …it won’t happen unless Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela’s leaders know the public wants it, and so that’s where you can help. Actually things are not … Read more

Weird Amazon Reviews – AudioQuest K2 Terminated Speaker Cable

What do you do when faced with a speaker cable on Amazon that costs $13,000 Easy, you simply give it a review … however not a normal review, but rather one that completely takes the piss out of such an absurd price. So looking though the list, there are indeed a few gems such as … … Read more

Funny Comments from Bible reviews on Amazon

Have you even been tempted to check out some of the reviews on Amazon UK for the Bible? … well you should … because nestled among all the folks who take themselves far too seriously are some who truly do have a delicious sense of humor. Finding the following little gems was truly enough to … Read more