Famous Evangelist Counters Atheist Article … with silly nonsense.

Al Stefanelli, who is the Georgia State Director of American Atheists, Inc, recently wrote an article entitled, “On Morals: Why Atheism Trumps Christianity,”. It’s a great article, I recommend it … but that is not why I’m blogging, it’s the response to this that has caught my attention. The Christian Post asked evangelist and bestselling author Jason Frenn to respond, and so of course this being the Christian Post and Jason being a famous evangelist, we can expect a well-reasoned, truly rational and robust reply, right? Yes, you guessed correctly, the correct answer is “No” OK, you can stop laughing now. Ah but wait, perhaps not, “Bestselling Author” … “Famous Evangelist” … ??? … I’ve never heard of him, and can’t find anybody who has, so I have a quibble with both of those claims, so you can carry on laughing after all.

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