The SmartDot EMF Protection Scam

You can supposedly place a special sticker on your smart phone that will, they claim, grant you “Protection Against Wireless Radiation”. Yes the “SmartDot”. Hopefully my use of the word “Scam” in the title gives you a sufficient hint that tells you what this actually is.

You can find it being sold on Amazon. (No I’ll not link to it, but if curious you can easily find it).

On the Amazon UK store you can find a 5 pack for just £55.86 (what a bargain) …

SmartDot on Amazon

Things to take note of …

  • Lots of very high positive ratings
  • Many sciency sounding terms .. “EMF HARMONISING DEVICE” …

The blurb reads …

SmartDOT Radiation Protection by energydots is a simple yet efficient EMF Protection Device in the form of a small adhesive sticker that offers protection whilst using all wireless devices. Designed to retune EMF radiation emitted by wireless devices such as; mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and baby monitors and relieve the potential negative health effects of electro-stress. 

The Product Q&A section is on the case here

For those that are stupid enough to actually buy it, they really can’t complain that they were not warned …

SmartDot Q&A

But perhaps it really does work?

Seriously no.

Couple of points …

  • There is no risk from smartphone radiation, that is well established
  • There is no such thing as “electro-stress”, it is not a real condition.

There is a claimed “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity” condition. This is where specific people claim adverse reactions to electromagnetic fields. You can actually test this. Simply see if such individuals can tell the different between exposure and non-exposure to electromagnetic fields. When checked, they can’t. There is no convincing scientific evidence that this condition actually exists.

BBC (Jan 11) – SmartDot radiation-protection phone stickers ‘have no effect’

SmartDot caught the eye of the BBC so they conducted some tests.

Here are a few appropriate quotes from that article …

…University of Surrey tests for BBC News found no evidence of any effect…

…”We could not find any evidence that these products had any effect on frequency or power when used as instructed.”…

SmartDot also claimed in a press release that they had partnered with the NHS and that this product was being used in hospitals. It turns out that they lied …

…Hospital spokesman then told BBC News it knew nothing of this partnership….

… and the BBC do also make it clear that there is nothing to cure here …

…scientists say even the higher part of the electromagnetic spectrum that may be used by 5G should not harm humans.

International guidelines limit radio-wave exposure.

And within those limits, there are no known consequences for health, the World Health Organization says.

Caveat emptor 

Rather obviously Amazon simply do not care that their platform is being used for fraud. The BBC did contact them and did point all this out. Amazon offered a polite “We are looking into it”, which is perhaps the corporate way of appearing to do the right thing but actually doing nothing at all.

Right now UK regulators have clearly failed. This product is a very blatant in-your-face scam.

I can see a market here for selling millions of these to the MAGA and QAnon crowd. If you can successfully con them with fraudulent claims of electoral fraud and persuade them that a giant nefarious deep-state satanic conspiracy actually exists, then flogging them a few very expensive stickers like this should be a doddle.

Further Reading

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