Poll: Decline of US confidence in Religion continues

decline of religion in US

The news comes via the publication of the latest Gallup poll. The title of their release is “U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion Remains Low“, but dive in and you find that this is a bit of a misleading title. It has actually declined even further. It has not simply remained low, but has continued to … Read morePoll: Decline of US confidence in Religion continues

Is Stiglers Law really true?

stiglers law

On this week’s episode of the “Skeptics Guide to the Universe” (Episode 730), they did a “Science or Fiction” quiz that was based upon Stiglers law. What is Stiglers law? University of Chicago statistics professor Stephen Stigler wrote a 1980 publication titled “Stigler’s law of eponymy“. Within this he states that no scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer. No … Read moreIs Stiglers Law really true?

UK not prepared for Climate Change

climate change

The UK Government’s official climate advisers have just today (10th July) published their official progress report on UK preparations for climate change. I’ve known that this was coming, and so here it finally is. The tweet below is a quick unofficial and highly accurate reflection on it issued by one of the reviewers (and now … Read moreUK not prepared for Climate Change

Fact Check: Was June Hottest Month?


Tweets have been circulating on social media declaring that June 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded. For example … So was it? Quick Answer: Nope. Slightly longer answer is this correction from Climatologist Michael E Mann … But how do we know? The alpha source for all of the latest “Hottest” claims comes from … Read moreFact Check: Was June Hottest Month?