Psychic Predictions for 2013 … so how well did they do?

Back at the start of 2013, various leading psychics delivered predictions for what was to come in 2013. Well, time has moved on and it is now 2014 (I do hope that last bit was not news to you). So anyway, what many of these “psychics” hope for is success via the scatter-gun approach of tossing out tons of stuff and if they happen to get lucky and have a hit, then they throw a spotlight upon it and declare victory. As for the failures … well, a convenient carpet along a broom is soon found to sweep it all away into a fuzzy forgetfulness.

Ah but wait, why should we forget, instead lets bring it all out and see what we find.

Below, I have cut-and-pasted their 2013 predictions from here … and added my own comments in blue text like this …

LaMont Hamilton

LaMont “Monte” Hamilton is an ordained minister, Reiki Master healing practitioner, registered hypnotherapist, and holds multiple degrees in business, psychology, and education, and has worked in the paranormal field full time for over 25 years.
  • Finally, a new comprehensive major immigration reform law will be signed into law by the end of summer due to bipartisan support. [Good guess given the way the wind was blowing at the start of 2013, but it never happened – fail]
  • A global U.N. tax will be enacted this year to help fund disaster relief and poverty. [fail]
  • A mind-to-mind telepathic telecommunication device will be developed for the mentally ill to help people communicate better. [fail]
  • Philadelphia, New Hampshire, and/or Connecticut will experience the affects of an earthquake after church bells ring from the aftershocks this year.[fail]
  • A truce is seen in the Middle East before late summer after one or more spiritual leaders emerge in the region to bring stability to several countries now in conflict. [Wars and truces in the middle east come and go all the time … but even given that reality, this is a fail]
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Gingrich steps down from the Supreme Court after an illness. [No hits in google for that name, but predicting an illness for any elderly person does not make you a fracking psychic]
  • Prince William and Kate will have a baby girl, whom many will believe is the reincarnation of Princess Diana. [Gasp, what a surprise, a newly married couple soon have a baby, gosh we never saw that coming … oh but wait, the pregnancy was known about “before” his prediction, so apparently he can read … as for the Princess Diana bit, nope … complete fail once again]
  • The New Madrid fault line will become more active this year from late summer to late October. [Did the earth move for you? Well not if you live in Madrid – fail]
  • Three airlines will merge into one umbrella company after another major carrier goes bankrupt in the U.S. [Nope, once again a fail]
  • A political revolution will attempt to bring down the Saudi Arabian dynasty this year after another King or Prince dies. [Would love to see this, but nope, once again a fail]
  • A severe drought in the Southern U.S., greater than seen in over 100 years will begin in February that dries up a portion of the Mississippi River or major tributaries completely in some areas. [Gosh, we had something like that in 2010-2012 … hey lets guess more of the same and then claim a hit … right? Oh but wait, in March 2013, heavy winter rains broke a three-year pattern of drought in much of the Southeastern United States … yep, wrong again]
  • Square or tubular UFOs will be commonly reported, with more sightings around military installations, including the Middle-East and Israel. [Nope … except perhaps for a few folks on their way home after a heavy night drinking]
  • At least 2 cosmic events will create news this year related to asteroids/comets headed to Earth, with the first one occurring around April when an object heads toward Earth. [Nope, nothing in april]
  • President Obama’s fascination with the history of Abraham Lincoln will eventually lead him to pen a book about the former president. [Not in 2013]
  • Breathing issues/illness pertaining to Pope Benedict XVI are seen, which could be related to pneumonia. [Benedict is still breathing just fine, he is simply no longer pope … ha, he never saw that one coming]
  • New broader and more specific civil rights legislation coming dealing with immigrants, the handicapped, minorities, gays and lesbians, and the mentally ill. [Nope]
  • In a move to streamline the Federal Government, multiple U.S. agencies will be combined under one director, which include one or more of the following departments: EPA, FAA, HUD, FDA, DOE, DOT, NOAA, etc. [Nope]
  • The new and emerging 3D and 4D movie theaters will make some people sick and nauseated after watching some films. [but this stuff was being written about before he made his prediction … so in what way is this psychic?… and as for being a big news item in 2013 … nope]
  • The common social notion of “political correctness” in our society starts to become the norm as traditional religious and political viewpoints are replaced and become unpopular in the future. [nope, god and jesus and still quite popular … unfortunately]

Vicki Monroe

This Maine-based psychic correctly predicted President Barack Obama winning a second term (As did the majority of voters who voted for him), the Red Sox missing the World Series, and the world not tanking on Dec. 21. (Hey, I got that one right as well, yikes I must be psychic)
  • Congress will deal with gun control: Automatic weapons and high-powered rifles, semi-automatics that belong in war zones will be removed, and only used in situations where they are absolutely necessary. (A lot of people would love to see this, but nope, has not happened)
  • It is going to be a milder-than-usual winter, although we will get more of a mixed precipitation. (Astonishing … there will be different types of rainfall during winter, gosh how did she know?)
  • No New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and no Boston Red Sox in the World Series. [Well, given the number of possibilities, predicting this is at best a guess … Oh but wait … remind me again who played in the 2013 World Series]
  • Researchers will make advances linking cancer and stress, she said. They’ll also have news on the drug front. [Minor advances happen each and every year, but no, nothing big like this]
  • The spirits don’t see newly engaged Kelly Clarkson living happily ever after, but they see Justin Bieber making movies. [The spirits were clearly having an off day … they got both of these wrong]
  • Tom Cruise will leave the church of Scientology. It has something to do with his daughter and recent divorce. [Nope, he is still a religious nutter]
  • Expect an upset at the Academy Awards: Bradley Cooper for best actor over Daniel Day Lewis. Sally Field for best actress. Lincoln for best picture and Quentin Tarantino for best director. [So lets see then … nope, nope, nope … and (drum roll) …. nope]


In 2012, Nikki — “Psychic to the Stars” — predicted a pregnancy for Kate and Prince William, the split between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and the split of Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Meryl Streep’s Academy Award, the death of Whitney Houston, Hurricane Sandy, and the passing of Dick Clark, Ernest Borgnine and Phyllis Diller. Here’s what she sees for 2013:
  • A fire and explosion at a subway in New York City kills many. [Nope]
  • A chemical attack on the United States. [Nope]
  • Another cruise ship breaks in half. [Nope]
  • Another Super Storm like Sandy hitting the USA, Canada and Europe. [Nope]
  • Nuclear attack on New York. [Nope]
  • A huge earthquake in the Caribbean. [Nope]
  • Cuba and Puerto Rico becoming part of the USA. [Nope]
  • A weather satellite will come crashing into a building. [Nope]
  • A huge earthquake in St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago and Tennessee. [Nope]
  • The map of the world will change due to catastrophic events happening around the globe. [Nope]
  • Experimental monkeys escape from a lab causing a pandemic. [Nope]
  • Giant prehistoric sea monsters under the sea. [Nope]
  • A possible landing of a spaceship. [Nope]

are you seeing a pattern here yet?

  • An attack on the Vatican and Pope. [Nope]
  • Daniel Day Lewis nominated for an Oscar for Lincoln. [If you had seen the movie you would have to have been amazingly stupid to not predict this]
  • Jack Nicholson hospitalized. [Predicting that an elderly actor goes to hospital … is this as good as it gets? … another fail]
  • Another sex scandal around Arnold Schwarzenegger and has to watch his health. [Nope]
  • An earthquake of great magnitude wiping out Mexico City. [Nope]
  • Giant tornadoes in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Missouri, and Tennessee. [tornadoes happen each and every tracking year … but giant ones in 2013? … nope]
  • An assassination attempt around Queen Elizabeth. [Nope]

Sidney Friedman

Sidney “SidneySeer” Friedman claims a documented predictions accuracy of 71%, and a near 100% success rate with his Oscar predictions, missing only twice. His predictions have been covered by all the major television networks as well as hundreds of radio programs.
(Ooooh … a claimed 71% success rate … OK lets see)
  • Contrary to current tension, and against all reasoned historical probability, there is an unusual, unexpected calm with a period of peaceful understanding in the Middle East by summer of this year between either Israel and the Palestinians, or Israel and Iran, achieved not by political leaders, but by common citizens. [Nope]
  • In a quasi shake-up, Jimmy Fallon is named host of NBC-TV’s Tonight Show, replacing Jay Leno. [Nope]
  • With stiff competition from potential nominees Helen Hunt, Sally Field and others, I see Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) triumphantly holding the OSCAR for Best Supporting Actress. Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln) will win the Best Supporting Actor OSCAR. [50% right, good guess … but not exactly the claimed 100% success rate boasted about]
  • A new, odd, unexpected source of fuel for cars, trucks and/or machinery is announced. [Nope]
  • What this exactly means, I don’t know, but for a time, a huge portion of the internet goes dark. [Nope]
  • Christina Aguilera goes on some type of retreat and in the process returns significantly slimmer. [Nope]
  • A shock of white light is seen in the night sky in several regions of the country this winter or spring. [Nope]
  • While I truly hope this does not occur, I foresee a medical condition that sidelines Vice President Joe Biden. [Nope]
  • A huge discovery is made, or a significant event occurs, regarding solar flares. [Nope]
  • A plague-like pandemic affects populations in Europe and to some extent in the USA. Much of it ironically occurs in hospitals. [Nope]
  • A tech company will announce in 2013 (or at the latest by summer 2014), a flexible tablet that rolls up or folds up. [Nope]
  • Apple announces and releases a “mini iPhone” geared toward children and also under-served populations around the world. Apple finally launches a “smart TV.” [Nope]
  • In spite of negative reviews and a shaky launch, Windows 8 sees excellent signs of catching on. [Nope]
So there you go then … he was right to boast about being near 100% … but in this instance, it just happens to be near 100% wrong.

Judy Hevenly

Judy Hevenly is a teacher, astrologer, and writer, whose forecasts have appeared in many publications and newspapers worldwide. Her clientele includes royalty, former presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and heads of state. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial. She is featured in the book, The 100 Top Psychics in America.
  • President Obama will spend more time on foreign policy, discussing trade with Xi Jinping of China. New trade agreements drawn up to benefit both countries financially. [Nope]
  • An unexpected vacancy on the Supreme Court moves a conservative court to a liberal one. [Nope]
  • Susan Rice appointed National Security Advisor. [Nope]
  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo re-elected; [Er … he won that in 2010 and still holds office, predicting what happened in the past does not count] Gov. Chris Christie wins re-election in New Jersey. [But of course, he is very popular, this is not a surprise and requires exactly zero psychic ability to predict]
  • Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist shot by members of the Taliban for arguing for equal education for girls in Pakistan, receives the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize for standing up for girls’ education in her country. [Nope]
  • Dr. Dre, the rap music legend, stars in Las Vegas stage play, which brings him much acclaim. [Nope]
  • Tim Tebow gets offer to play in Canadian Football League. [Nope]
  • Amazon will announce it is coming out with its own smartphone. [An attempt to repeat rumours as predictions fails once again … nope]
  • Palestinians certain to win U.N. recognition as a state. [Once again “predicting” stuff that has been building up and well-announced in advance of her “prediction” – this required exactly zero psychic ability]
  • Meditation proves to be the gateway to contact loved ones on the other side. [Nope]
  • Earthquakes felt in California, New Zealand and Japan at magnitudes 5.7 to 6.2. [Earthquakes of that magnitude occur somewhere on the planet almost every week, once again exactly zero psychic ability needed]
  • Major wildfires in Canada. [Nope]

Blair Robertson

His past predictions include the Japanese 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, Whitney Houston ‘s death, sinking of the Costa Concordia, the train fire in India, William and Kate’s pregnancy, accurately predicting the Oscars, and more. The Washington Times called him their “favorite prognosticator.”
  • A boxer will be killed in the ring (or die shortly thereafter) within the year. [Nope]
  • A famous boxing legend will pass this year. [There are tons of famous elderly retired boxes, a hit is an almost certainty … not impressed, oh and no hit either, another fail.]
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown will get engaged. [Nope, complete and utter failure, as a couple they split]
  • It will be revealed that Vice President Joe Biden has been under medical care for senile dementia. I predicted his ailment back in 2012. [Nope]
  • 2013 will see the passing of a number of former world heads of state as well as their spouses. [Once again playing the numbers game … you would be hard-pressed to find a year in which a former world head of state does not die … not impressed with vague fuzzy “predictions” like this, it’s very dishonest]
  • Japan and China tensions will greatly escalate in the spring. [Nope, once again simply stating the bleeding obvious as a prediction … not impressed]
  • Watch for news of a propane tank explosion on the east coast of the US that destroys a “complex.” [Nope]
  • Another very large earthquake for Japan and subsequent tsunami within 60 days. I pray I am wrong. [No prayer required … he is wrong]
  • Fewer tornadoes for the USA, but those that do hit will be much more devastating in their power. A possible large one for western Ontario in late April. [Nope]
  • Generally bad weather for the southeast and a hurricane that makes landfall in Florida this fall. [Predicting stuff that happens almost every single year … nope once again not impressed]
  • Unusual levels of volcanic activity around the Pacific Rim, particularly mid 2013. [Nope]
  • Watch for news of mine disaster in China within 3 months. Many deaths. [Nope]
  • Fashion tragedy: I predict the return of mesh shirts for men. [Nope]
  • Worldwide, we will see more mysterious mass bird deaths and tens of thousands of fish washing up on shore throughout the year. Conspiracy theories will abound. [Nope]
  • A breast cancer breakthrough.[Nope]
  • There will be an unusual amount of people reporting that their diabetes has disappeared. I don’t know if this is a “breakthrough,” but it will puzzle the medical profession. [Nope]
  • I’m seeing an animal removed from the endangered species list this year. I hope it is for a positive reason. [Nope]
  • A massive space collision or accident affecting satellites and communications. [Just in a movie, not in reality]
  • The next doomsday “fad” will be solar flares. [Nope]

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker

This U.K. based psychic couple scored many hits with their 2012 predictions. Here’s what they forecast for 2013:

Craig’s predictions:

  • 2013 is going to be another tough years with continued financial troubles and escalating world conflicts but despite many wold problems 2013 will be the start of a growing spirituality throughout the world. [Apparently in breaking news the sun is going to rise tomorrow, and the pope will still be Catholic … as for this growing spirituality … nope, we have instead seen the rise of the nones – its a fail]
  • In the early part of 2013 – possibly January of February – there will be war in the Middle East. Israel with strike Iran with a full on attack at its nuclear programme but fail to destroy some of the more heavily entrenched facilities leaving quantities of uranium available for dirty bombs. The Israeli/Iranian conflict will escalate and conflicts will spill over to Syria. [War in the middle east … what a surprise … oh but wait, no Israeli/Iranian conflict – a fail]
  • There is going to be a second revolution in China and in June 2013 we’ll see the start of this. This will not be anything like the sweeping Maoist Revolution, instead there will be calls for greater democracy in the regions. [nope]
  • In Europe I see the start of an advertising-free search engine funded by the EU on a similar model to the BBC. [nope]

Jane’s predictions:

  • There are mixed blessings for the Royal Family. I feel that in May 2013 there will be a surprise announcement that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will announce that she is pregnant. There will be huge press interest. [Newly married couple having a baby … gasp, how could she have known? … perhaps by reading all the gossip in the papers at the time she made her “Prediction”]
  • Simon Cowell will become more spiritual. His sudden and unexpected move away from materialism and celebrity worship will catch the press by surprise and for a while his genuinely held views will be mocked by a skeptical press. [Nope, when it comes to predictions this lady does not have the X-Factor … and neither do any of the others for that matter]
  • 2013 will continue to see terrible climate and in particular I see a major landslide on the English Coastline. I believe that this will be at Black Gang Chine in the Isle of Wight. I also see severe weather around the world with an unprecedented and severe storm devastating Hawaii. [Yep, she has been reading the scare stories in the press once again as the source for her “predictions’ and like the press, completely wrong]
  • 2013 is also going to be a hard year for many with extensive benefits cuts triggering riots. I see also that immigrants from Eastern Europe may be targeted in racially motivated attacks that play into the hardship being experienced by may unemployed people in the UK. [Er … would these “predicted’ benefits cuts be the ones that the government announced the dates for well in advance of her “prediction”, and as for riots and targeting of East Europeans … Nope]

The Amazing Kreskin

The Amazing Kreskin has, for some six decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind…his own. His very name has become an integral part of pop culture throughout the world, invoked in comedy clubs, comic strips, print stories, and TV shows from sitcoms on through national magazines.
  • The biggest movie stars will come cheap because Hollywood is in bog trouble. Much movie making will move to India. [Nope]
  • The return of the gossip columnist — from people on the street. [Nope]
  • College students will find it harder and harder to find jobs. [Nope]
  • Families will rediscover the family dinner table. [Buggered if I can find mine … now where did we put it … oh well, back to eating off the floor again I guess]

A Few Final Thoughts

Yes, the various biographies claim past hits, but then they would – after all, who would announce that were in reality a rather crap psychic. As for the claimed past hits, there is no evidence to verify any of those claims.

What we can see is that in each and every case the failure rate is more or less 100% … I bet they never saw that coming.

So there you have it then, the professional psychics once again demonstrate that they have exactly zero psychic ability. I believe there is a word that best sums all this up, and that word is “fraud”.

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