Storm on Saturn – Cassini captures images

In the past few weeks a new storm erupted on Saturn.

The Cassini probe did a pass on 24th Dec and successfully captured images of it. This is the raw unprocessed image … they will of course need to validate and calibrate it, then file in on the Planetary Data System, but that will not be until next year.

Just to put this in context, that white blip is thousands of miles big. Here now is a second image taken using different filters, so you can see different details.

Once all the images have been processed, we should start to get color images, but right now, this is the raw data direct from the Cassini probe and received on earth on 27th Dec.

In fact, looking at it, this storm is big enough to be seen from earth, so if you just happen to have a large enough Telescope, you should be able to see it yourself.

The link to the raw Cassini images is here.

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