If humans evolved from Chimpanzees, why do we still have Chimpanzees?

If this truly confuses you, well here is Richard Dawkins to clear it all up for you …

So what does Richard think might convince a Creationist? He has a few thoughts?

Ah but if he has such compelling arguments, then why does he refuse to debate Creationists? He explains …

In the end when it comes to Creationism, the mindset is not evidence based at all, but rather is religion, so the individuals who do truly embrace it have emotionally invested in it and are efficiently immune to evidence of any type.

I’ve been watching an-line debate currently happening in a Facebook group – bold creationist assertions are made (evolution a myth, age of earth is not known, etc etc…), in rebuttal evidence is presented. The response … yep, you guessed it … the evidence is simply ignored and the creationist assertion is repeated.

“We start out postulating sharp boundaries, such as between humans and apes, or between apes and monkeys, but are in fact dealing with sand castles that lose much of their structure when the sea of knowledge washes over them. They turn into hills, leveled ever more, until we are back to where evolutionary theory always leads us: a gently sloping beach.” – The Age of Empathy by Frans de Waal,  Dutch primatologist and ethologist

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