Gods as Topological Invariants

A very interesting paper is available from the Cornell University Library entitled “Gods as Topological Invariants“. The abstract reads …

We show that the number of gods in a universe must equal the Euler characteristics of its underlying manifold. By incorporating the classical cosmological argument for creation, this result builds a bridge between theology and physics and makes theism a testable hypothesis. Theological implications are profound since the theorem gives us new insights in the topological structure of heavens and hells. Recent astronomical observations can not reject theism, but data are slightly in favor of atheism.

Yes indeed, the data favors atheism … you should read it all (it is only 5 pages) … as indicated here  …

A recent statistical analysis on the number of infinite dimensions compared the Euclidean space R3 , the 3-torus T 3 and the manifolds T 2 ⊗ R and S 1 ⊗ R2 [Aslanyan and Manohar 2011]. Only the Euclidean space has a non-vanishing Euler characteristics. The most probable topology of the universe was found to be T 2 ⊗ R, which would support the atheist view brought forward by many leading cosmologists.

Oh and one final observation, this is all rather recent, it was published on the first day of this month.

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