Climate Change Articles – quick summary

climate indexBelow is an index of the various Climate Change related articles that I’ve written during the past several months. I’ve gathered them all up into one place for ease of reference. This perhaps will eventually become a topic specific index … let’s see.

Beyond the list I also have a pointer to a really good New York Times Climate Change Q&A. I’m highlighting it because it does a fine job of answering some of the common questions that often arise, and so it acts as a great starting point.

My Own Climate Change Mini-Index

Climate Change Denial



US Politics

US Climate Alliance

Models, Oceans, and News




International Agreements

New York Times – Questions and Answers – A basic primer

I’m highlighting this because they have composed 17 often-asked questions with some straightforward answers, and so this is a great basic primer to enable a good foundational understanding of the topic. Here is a list of the questions posed, and so if one or more invokes your curiosity, then just click here to jump in …

Part 1 – What is Happening

  • Climate change? Global warming? What do we call it?
  • How much is the Earth heating up?
  • What is the greenhouse effect, and how does it cause global warming?
  • How do we know humans are responsible for the increase in carbon dioxide?
  • Could natural factors be the cause of the warming?
  • Why do people deny the science of climate change?

Part 2 – What could happen?

  • How much trouble are we in?
  • How much should I worry about climate change affecting me directly?
  • How much will the seas rise?
  • Is recent crazy weather tied to climate change?

Part 3 – What can we do?

  • Are there any realistic solutions to the problem?
  • What is the Paris Agreement?
  • Does clean energy help or hurt the economy?
  • What about fracking or ‘clean coal’?
  • What’s the latest with electric cars?
  • What are carbon taxes, carbon trading and carbon offsets?
  • Climate change seems so overwhelming. What can I personally do about it?

The bottom line is rather simple to grasp – doing nothing is not a viable option.

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