Wingnut Weekly – 19 July 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to point out …
After months of denying the severity of the virus, Trump finally wore a mask on his face. As for his tax returns, he’s been covering those for years

What does being a wingnut, a right-wing religious fundamentalist, actually mean these days?

Looking at all the ideas they promote, it is clear that many sincerely believe that scientists, scholars, teachers, economists, and journalists are deceiving them and lying to them. Yet, their go-to guy, the one they trust as a beacon of truth and honesty, God’s chosen one, is a reality TV star who has a long well-established decades-long track record of fraud, bankruptcy, and documented lying.

This is a modern tragedy that is having real-world consequences for all of us. The most glaring manifestation is a rapidly rising body count that was very avoidable.

Let’s now throw a spotlight upon the proclamations issued this past week by the wingnut community so that we can laugh at the utter absurdity of it all.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

It is all very much everything you might expect and a lot more. Here are some of the highlights …

The Cult Of Trump

  • “Prophetic minister” Patricia King says that President Donald Trump must be reelected because God wants to anoint government to fulfill his purposes.
    • If there exists an entity that created the entire universe, it does not need Trump
  • Cirsten Weldon claims to have military intelligence that an effort will be made to assassinate President Donald Trump. She says that 55 such assassination attempts have already occurred, but that Trump has survived them all thanks to his clones.
    • Clones!! … now that’s a new twist.

Conspiracy Claim News

  • Mark Taylor warns Christians not to trust Kanye West because he is controlled by the Illuminati.
  • QAnon Devotees Plan Rally At Republican National Convention
    • With tongue in cheek I mull over the thought that these days the Republican National Convention is more or less a QAnon rally.
  • Scott Lively is convinced that … “Bush 41 intentionally lost to Bill Clinton in ’92 to fast-track the Marxist agenda, on the understanding that the Bush Clan would get back the baton in 2000. I believe that Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney were all Bush Team members tasked with taking a dive in their respective races, and that was the role Jeb Bush was intended to play for Hillary, before Trump upset their apple cart.
    • Silly me. I always assumed that it was the voters who make such decisions.
  • Andrew Wommack continues his habit of spreading absurdly false information about COVID-19 during his weekly Bible study program.
    • I should perhaps be shocked that his bizarre and blatantly false claims simply do not surprise me, it is what I now expect from him.

“God Sent me”

Demons & Satan

The Joe Biden fan club

I have a gut feeling these folks are not voting for him.

  • Josh Bernstein says that Joe Biden has a “sick, demented character” and “is likely a pedophile.”
  • Daniel Gallington declares that Biden’s “lying, bullying and cognitive deficits make him a poor choice for president.”
  • Curt Landry declares that Joe Biden “is not pro-life, and he is not pro-Israel, and that will bring a curse” on the United States if he is elected.


Folks who really really do not want you to be safe. Their’s is not exactly a “Pro-Life” stance.

Truly Bizarre

  • Scott Lively Says Women’s Right to Vote a ‘Product of the Soviet Bolshevik Revolution’
    • This guy really thinks that women’s suffrage is responsible for “rampant homosexuality,” “transgender pastors,” and abortion.
  • Cliff Kincaid complains that the effort to change the name of the Washington, D.C.’s NFL team—currently a racist slur against Indigenous people—”is designed to make us forget about the fact that the Indians lost – to white people. And then to make white people pay for their own victory. That’s called reparations.
  • David Barton blames Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s decision upholding LGBTQ rights in the Bostock case on the fact that he attends a church that is “pastored by a lady who is very strongly [a] pro-LGBTQ activist.
  • Dave Daubenmire defends Daniel Boone for killing … “savages in the name of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.
  • Robert Jeffress: America Is a ‘Christian Nation’ Whose Constitution Has Been Perverted by Secularists and ‘Infidels’
  • During a livestream hosted by Ann Vandersteel and Cirsten Weldon, guest Gene Cosensei claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been executed and when Trump wins reelection, the White House is going to start a pay-per-view channel where you can watch their executions.

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land last week?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

  • Despite Evangelical Base, Trump Denies Aid to Truly Persecuted Christians
    • The Trump administration won’t even help Christian refugees fleeing for their lives.
  • Tennessee Pastor: “We Gave Up on Keeping a Count” of COVID Cases in Our Church
    • The Westmore Church of God infected so many of its own members, it can’t even keep track anymore.
  • Despite Florida’s COVID Problem, Baptist Preacher Announces In-Person Conference
    • Irresponsible pastors like this are prolonging the pandemic.
  • Pat Robertson to Worried Wife: Your Cheating Husband Just “Appreciates Beauty”
    • Pat Robertson is not your best choice for relationship advice.
  • Devastating Anti-Trump Ad Shows White Evangelicals Admitting Trump is “Using Us”
    • It has taken them 4 years to work that out … seriously!
  • Pastor: For the ACLU to Win, “Good Men” Like Roy Moore Will Have to Be Destroyed
    • If this guy’s worried about Roy Moore’s reputation, he should blame Roy Moore.
  • Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, Back on Facebook, Mocks People Wearing Face Masks
    • Facebook should not be perpetuating this Christian hate-monger’s lies.
  • Limbaugh: We Must “Adapt” to COVID Like the Donner Party Did with Cannibalism
    • Nothing says “We can get through this” like a reference to the Donner Party.
  • Convicted Felon Roger Stone: The People Who Prosecuted Me Were Satanic Atheists
    • Even Roger Stone knows pretending to be Christian is the easiest path to redemption.
  • Everyone’s Mocking Kayleigh McEnany’s Line About Science for the Wrong Reasons
    • She said “the science should not stand in the way” of re-opening schools. But what she meant was far worse.
  • This Church is Using a Remote-Controlled Vehicle to Collect Tithes from People
    • Church leaders won’t let a pandemic get in the way of getting richer.
  • Popular Christian Writer Announces Separation from Wife: “I Am Gay”
    • It takes a lot of courage to admit this, especially when you’re a popular Christian writer.
  • Christian Megachurch Plays QAnon Conspiracy Video to Open Sunday Service
    • Nothing says “please take us seriously” like spreading insane conspiracy theories.
  • Breitbart Editor: A Biden Win Will Lead to a “Black Lives Matter Administration”
    • He seriously thinks this is a claim to scare people with, but it actually sounds rather good to me.
  • Out of Ideas, Louisiana’s Governor Calls for Three Days of Fasting and Prayer
    • The virus doesn’t care if you skip lunch.

Will next week be different and result is no bizarre claims from the wingnuts?


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