Weekly List of Idiots – 13 Dec 2020

The key to a great deal is the Georgia runoff elections. If the two seats are won then the Senate is a 50/50 split. In that instance the deciding vote goes to the VP and so in effect the Senate, the House and the White House would finally all have adults in charge.

Everybody knows this, so of course the GOP and Trump forces are focused on making sure that they win those two seats … right?

Thankfully no.

Some of them do get it, but many of them literally don’t, even after the above is laid out for them with a trail of MAGA hats that lead them to the rather obvious best way forward for them.

There is an ongoing call from the MAGA crowd to boycott the Georgia runoff. From my viewpoint, I wholly and completely support that. From their viewpoint, given all that is in the balance, it is batshit crazy … but hey, when exactly has “Crazy” not been their thing.

What other crazy claims have popped up this past week?

Let’s take a look at some of the truly jaw dropping highlights that illustrates that the most common commodity that is available in abundance is stupidity.

Proclamations from the last 7 days

The Cult Of Trump

  • NewsBusters is outraged that Twitter has flagged hundreds of tweets from President Donald Trump and his campaign as false or misleading while “former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign have been censored 0 times.
    • It has apparently never occurred to them that perhaps Trump and his campaign routinely spread false and misleading claims while the Biden campaign does not.
  • Brenden Dilley declares that Trump “is not going anywhere” because his supporters “are more than prepared to do everything—and I mean fucking everything—to preserve our constitutional republic and to protect our president.
    • Preserving the Republic by overthrowing the Republic is quite frankly nuts. For Brenden, that’s simply business as usual.
  • Glenn Beck hopes that President Donald Trump will issue a wave of pardons for himself and his family before leaving office: “I’m 100% for it. I think what’s happening with his family is despicable.
    • If you are not actually guilty of anything then you don’t need a pardon. Glenn is in essence telling you that he believes that Trump and his family are guilty.
  • Jim Bakker claims that God told him that failing to reelect President Donald Trump would result in the Antichrist taking over the United States.
    • The Antichrist has been in the Oval office for the past 4 years, Jim, you voted for him.
  • Michael Snyder says that if President Donald Trump fails to secure a second term in office, it will be “emotionally devastating” for Christian conservatives.
    • Meanwhile it will be a huge celebration for the vast majority.

The “Stolen” Election

  • Eric Metaxas Will Emcee National Right-Wing Prayer Rally to Overturn Presidential Election
    • Pleading with an imaginary supernatural force to help you steal the election is not exactly going to do anything. Magic is not a thing.
  • Jerome Corsi is confident that the Supreme Court will hand Trump a second term: “I’ve always said Trump would win at the Supreme Court. Look at this case it’s brilliantly written. And I think that who put this together for Texas did a first-rate job and they’re going to win.
    • Well, that worked out OK for him then. It turns out that “brilliantly written” was actually “insane shit“.
  • Rev. Pat Robertson told viewers of his “700 Club” show on CBN that a “miracle” is in the offing with the lawsuit the state of Texas is bringing before the Supreme Court, seeking to overturn the results of 2020 presidential election. In a clip featured on Newsweek’s website, Robertson said, “God is never late. We declared on this program, and you joined with me, that God almighty was gonna do a miracle and stop the theft of our election and the fraud that was being perpetrated on the American people, and that God himself would intervene.
    • Not only was the election not stolen, but his “Miracle” failed to happen. I must thank Mr Robertson for demonstrating so well that his preferred God does not actually exist.

Physically Abused by Satan

  • Michele Bachmann has never been a victim of domestic abuse, but she reports that she has felt wounded every day since the election and “sensed that that was Satan [who] was physically throwing punches and wounding and abusing.
    • She has an imaginary enemy who is conducting an imaginary “physical” attack.

The Georgia Election

  • To Vote or Not? Hard-Right Activists Fight Among Themselves on Georgia Messaging
    • I truly do indeed support the idea that they should protest with a boycott of the election.
  • James Dobson begs conservative Christians to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff elections in Georgia: “The Judeo-Christian system of values that have upheld our great nation for nearly 250 years is in danger of disintegrating. Georgia is ground zero for what may turn out to be the most consequential political battle our country has ever faced.
    • Translation of his guidance to Christians is this: Don’t vote for Rev. Raphael Warnock who has been a pastor for 25 years, vote for the folks who support the pussy grabber-in-chief because that is the “ethical” choice!!!



  • Jesse Lee Peterson is not happy that several women were elected to Congress as Republicans: “They have weakened the party by putting all of these women in charge. The strength is not in the women; it’s in the men.”
    • I have a strong suspicion that this guy is not married.

Bonus Items

In no particular order, here are a few tweets that caught my eye this past week from a few comedians …

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