Top Election Deceivers of the Week – 1 Nov 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above cartoon this past week to make this point …
In an effort to see 2016 lightning strike again, Trump has embarked on a superspreader tour in the final week before election day, ignoring advice from, well, everyone.… #Trump #Fauci #2020Election

Election day is almost upon us and so the election deceivers are in full throttle.

Who are you going to vote for?

Will it be the guy who has ended up with a rapidly rising body count due to utter incompetence (currently 230,000), and has no plans to contain the virus, or will it be the candidate who will take meaningful decisive action to address the No.1 issue?

Rather obviously you can discern that I’m not a Trump supporter. You might wonder why some do. Be aware that there are voices of support for the idiot-in-chief whispering lies.

If you listen to these deceivers, those that have blended right-wing politics with fundamentalist religious belief, then you might indeed lean towards Trump because of the unfounded fear that is being sold by the truck load.

So what have they been claiming in this past week?

Let’s take a look at some of the truly jaw dropping highlights that illustrate that the election is not simply a vote on Trump, but instead has turned into a gullibility test on a national scale.

Proclamations from the last 7 days

The Cult Of Trump

  • “Prophetess” Kat Kerr has seen the lines of people waiting to vote early and announces that she has been told by God that “all those people in that line are voting for Trump.
    • If you believe her then please send me your name, I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you.
  • Michele Bachmann prays for Trump’s reelection: “We thank you, oh God, for Donald Trump, that he has been our wise, good president for these last nearly four years. Lord, in so many ways, we have not deserved this man.
    • “Wise” and “Good” are not exactly the first thoughts that spring to mind when thinking of Trump.
  • Ginger Howard, National Committeewoman for the Georgia GOP, says that she initially had trouble supporting Trump because of his language and the way he attacks other people, “but now, honestly, I like it. That’s one of the things I like about him.
    • Yep, she has joined the cult.
  • Charisma Promoting Anti-Biden Conspiracy Theories in Zeal to Get Trump Reelected
    • They also promote the belief that Trump has been divinely appointed and anointed by a God.
  • DeAnna Lorraine raves that President Donald Trump is so strong and sexy, calling him “the daddy of the United States of America.”
    • “Sexy” is another word that does not naturally stand erect at the sound of the name “Trump”

Demons and Devils


  • Kat Kerr claims that angels have been posted at every polling place in the nation to ensure that people vote for President Donald Trump because “God is adamant” that he remains president.
  • Glenn Beck proclaims that if Biden wins, “this is the last election under the Constitution of the United States as understood by the Founding Fathers.
    • This is the same Glenn Beck, who spent the 2016 election asserting that anyone who voted for Trump would be held accountable by God.
  • Jeanine Pirro warns that the left is trying to destroy the religious foundation of this country “and we’ve got to stop turning the other cheek,”.
    • Isn’t “turn the other cheek” literally one of the core teachings of Jesus?
  • E.W. Jackson is proudly voting for Trump because he thinks that Trump doesn’t care about money or power or fame and only wants what is best for America, whereas Joe Biden cares only about enriching himself.
    • (Checks calendar) Must be opposite day. Since he is on the topic of “Pride”, then here is a nice bible quote for Mr Jackson – Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Book of Proverbs16:18 
  • Sid Roth is confident that Trump will be reelected because a “prophet” recently told him that “young, white liberals that you think hate President Trump are going to vote for him in droves.
    • The polls can give you a high degree of confidence that Sid Roth is talking out of his arse.


  • Cynthia Dunbar declares that restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 are “medical martial law” and a violation of the First Amendment.
  • Kenneth Copeland declares that Trump is now immune to COVID-19, which is evidence that Christians have “a Holy Spirit immunity” that is will protect them from the virus.
    • The folks who believed this and are now dead learned the hard way that this is not true.

Now here is an insight …

Conspiracy claims

Truly Bizarre

  • So-called “prophet” Mark Taylor is never going to own up to his failed prophecy that the 2018 elections would result in a “red tsunami,”. The update is that he continues to insist the election represented “a huge win for Trump.” 
    • I don’t need to tell you this, but for completeness, it didn’t.
  • Scott Lively thinks that former President Barack Obama must have been humiliated by speaking to a moderately sized crowd at a drive-in rally for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania recently: “That must be like the toughest thing he’s faced since he lost his boyfriends back in Chicago.
    • For context, it’s a common belief among right-wing conspiracy theorists that Obama is secretly gay and Michelle Obama is actually a man … and yes, they really are that disconnected from reality.
  • Conspiracy Theorist Dave Daubenmire Claims Democrats Have a Secret Plan to Make Obama President Again
    • Somebody needs to advise Dave that mental gymnastics is not a recognised Olympic sport.

What other Election Deceivers popped up last week?

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

Trump …

  • The Christian Broadcasting Network is Worried That Witches Cast a Spell on Trump
    • If only they spent time worrying about real problems in the real world.

COVID-19 continues to ignore what people believe and just keeps rolling forward …

  • “Prayer” and “Fasting” Fail to Contain Christian School’s COVID Outbreak
    • Is anybody surprised?
  • Michigan Church That Doesn’t Require Masks Linked to 58 COVID Cases
    • Belief runs smack bang into brick wall of reality

Meanwhile Pastors and Priests and still doing what you expect …

And the winner of Deceiver of the week is?

Oh come now, you know the answer. It is the guy who has been assuring you out on the campaign trail that COVID-19 is over. This is easily verified to be a lie … but almost without exception, that is literally true for everything he says – this is a documented fact.

Election Bonus Items – Let’s not Forget Who Trump really is

… and also there was this …

… and of course The Daily Show is out there having fun by playing with Trump supporters …

One last tweet …

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