The Cult of Fools – White Lives matter was a flop– Apr 18, 2021

The Cult of Fools - White Lives matter was a flop
A lone protester at a “White Lives Matter” protest in Fresno, California.

Last Sunday was an attempt to hold “White Lives Matter” rallies across the nation. The idea is that this was to be the “spark” that would make the “whole world tremble,”.

It was a truly spectacular and well-deserved flop of epic proportions.

Many cities saw almost no attendance from white supremacists and far-right extremists. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a lone “White Lives Matter” marcher was encircled by police officers to separate him from a large crowd of counter protesters. A similar incident took place in Fort Worth, Texas, where three protesters assembled around a “White Lives Matter” banner outside the city’s city hall while police officers formed a line to separate them from counter protesters. In New York City, a single protester gathered in front of Trump Towers while counter protesters stood across the street.

What other crazy things have bubbled to the surface during this past week?

Plenty. There is never any shortage of crazy.

You will find below a few more examples that have popped up during the past week.

I’ve highlighted these so that we can laugh about it all. I find that to be the best response to the batshit insane that flows from this cult of fools.


Stolen Election Claims

  • Famous Musician Ricky Skaggs Says the Election Was ‘A Crime’ and God Will Return Trump to Office
    • He has deep personal ties to the right-wing modern-day “prophetic” Christian movement that demonstrated with their predictions of a Trump win that they do not have a direct line to any God.
    • To really blow his credibility he also cites self-proclaimed “prophets” Kat Kerr, the official national nutter, and QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow, as his “reliable” sources.
    • He also babbles on about “all of the pedophilia rings and the child sacrifices” and so also ticks the “QAnon nutter” box.
    • His music is fine, but his ability to think rationally … er … nope.

Georgia Voter Suppression

  • Angry that companies are criticizing Georgia’s restrictive voting law, Josh Bernstein declares that once the GOP regains power, they should fine any corporation that gets involved in politics: “Stay in your lane, keep your mouth shut, and stop trying to make policy.
    • I’ll be happy for the corporations to stay out of politics … after … the churches also get out of politics and stay in their lane.


  • Rachel Alexander declares that “everything the Democrats do is racist.”
    • Free vaccines for all … yep, definitely “racist”.


Fools of the week – The False Profit$

The stars of this weekly show are of course the religious grifters. To be wholly clear, most humans, regardless of their belief or non-belief are decent. Some however grasp belief and deploy it as a tool to manipulate and enrich themselves with. This is very much dedicated to them …

  • Team Trump Launches ‘America First Policy Institute’ With Paula White Leading ‘Center for American Values’
    • With Prosperity Gospel Grifter Paula White in charge you know that it will be all about conning the gullible into sending in lots of donations by pressing emotional buttons and then keeping it all for themselves.
    • Reminder: Multiply Married Paula White is the evangelist who was caught fucking evangelist Benny Hinn . Trump has apparently also brought her to Atlantic City on multiple occasions for “private Bible studies”. This of course is exactly what went down, Mr Two Corinthians is well renowned as a guy deeply interested in “private Bible studies”.
  • Evangelist Mario Murillo Says God Will Destroy America to Save It From Democrats
    • His “church” needs to be taxed. He is no longer operating as a church, but instead as a political platform for his beloved orange Messiah.
  • TV Evangelist Jim Bakker, who was found guilty on more than 20 counts of fraud and sent to prison in the 1980s, claims that he was “probably one of the first examples of cancel culture.”
    • Going to jail for crimes you actually committed is not “cancel culture”. The word he actually needs is “Justice”.
  • Johnny Enlow says that people will “respect and honor President Trump a whole lot more” once they get to Heaven and truly understand his “courage and bravery.
    • Pie in the sky when you die is not a credible argument.
  • “Prophet” Nathan French will be heading down to Mar-a-Lago next week, where he expects to meet with former President Donald Trump. French doesn’t have a meeting scheduled, but is confident that God will arrange one.
    • Yep, you read that correctly. Apparently God is his personal assistant.
  • Even though Joe Biden has been in the White House for nearly three months, Greg Locke continues to insist that “you have lost your ever-loving mind” if you believe he’s the legitimate president.
    • Reality is rapidly becoming a distant memory for Greg.
  • Evangelist Jeff Jansen still insists that Donald Trump is president, that Biden’s presidency is “all theater,” and that Trump will be back in the White House by the end of the month: “We’re gonna be dancing in the streets.
    • When Biden won, many were quite literally dancing in the streets….(see below)… that’s the only election dancing in play.
    • As for the claim that Trump will be back in the White House by the end of the month. I can safely predict with 100% certainty “nope” without claiming any supernatural abilities or claiming any direct communication with any Gods at all.

That’s a wrap for this week.

Will next week be any different, is it possible for all these crazy people to suddenly find some common sense?

Nope, “Common Sense” amongst these folks is so damm rare that it is akin to a super power. It will be lots more of the same for us to laugh at and mock.

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