The Cult of Fools – “Smartmatic sues Mike Lindell” – Jan 23, 2022

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This week’s Mike Lindell update is a bit of great news. Smartmatic has now this past week formally sued Mike Lindell for defamation, saying he is ‘crazy like a fox’ and alleging he ‘intentionally stoked the fires of xenophobia and party divide for the noble purpose of selling his pillows’

The only surprise here is that it took them until now to do this.

They are asking for damages, the amount is not specified, and also for him to formally retract his claims. When asked to comment on this, Lindell says he was “excited” about this because he gets to present his “evidence”. He will need to explain how they supposedly nobbled the election, especially when no Smartmatic voting machines were used in any of the battleground states that determined Joe Biden’s election victory.

As a quick bit of context, earlier last year, Feb, Smartmatic sued Fox and its news anchors along with Giuliani and Powell for $2.7 billion. In Nov last year, they also sued Newsmax and One America News Network. Now Mike Lindell has been invited to join the party as well.

So in addition to the previous Dominion Voting Systems $1.3 Billion defamation suit, Lindell now also has this.

Long term, the idea that Fox, Newsmax, OANN, and various notable individuals, such as Lindell, Powell, and Giuliani, will most certainly face huge financial consequences for their deliberate lies. It truly does warm the heart. Politicians might bad-mouth each other without consequence. Try doing that vocally and persistently to a billion-dollar corporation that has lawyers on speed-dial, and you just entered a world of serious agony.

I’d suggest not placing any bets that Lindell will be holding on to his wealth in the long term. Meanwhile, some might hate lawyers, but it might actually be these folks that save us all.

Moving on, below you will find my usual selection of some of the truly bizarre claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my main source, Right Wing Watch, let’s dive in.



Stew Peters declares that …“the anti-white coronavirus death cult Vax nazis are killing us in these hospitals. … People don’t die from ‘Covid’ at home. They’re being murdered at death camps formerly known as ‘healthcare’ facilities. It’s premeditated, it’s calculated, it’s Genocide.”

  • I confess that I rather like the idea that he, and all those this listen to him, will keep well-away from any and every hospital when they fall ill. This will ensure that there are places available for people who respect healthcare workers and will appreciate the care they bring.
  • So yes, if you believe Stew Peters and you then get Covid, then please do stay at home.

‘This Is World War IV’: QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Scott McKay Vows to Wage War on Doctors and Nurses

  • Yes, you read that title correctly. He has declared war on health care providers, whom he accuses of using the COVID-19 pandemic to murder people.
  • “Unhinged” is a word that does not fully encapsulate the degree of the delusion that is in play here … Quote … “Any of these doctors or nurses around the country that are involved in the murder of our people, they’re going to be spotlighted,” McKay said. “I’m dragging them out in the open. We’re going to spotlight them, show them to the whole world, I’m going to be naming them by name. If you have the courage to kill our people, you better have the courage to stand in a direct crosshairs of Patriot Streetfighter because this is now going to happen.

Stella Immanuel claims that if Christians who have taken a COVID-19 vaccine will simply repent and pray, God will forgive them and physically cast the vaccine out of their bodies.

  • Well hey, here is a solution. Go get the vaccine, then simply pray it away afterwards. It’s win-win. You get your vaccine card and then have the vaccine supernaturally removed.
  • I support this initiative.

Steve Quayle, who was hospitalized with COVID-19 last year, refers to Dr. Anthony Fauci as “an entity, because I do not believe he is totally human” and warns that the military is purging Christians from the service as it prepares to “blow the anti-vaxxers away.”

  • Since exactly when has the military been a place where you get to pick the bits you like and opt out of the bits you don’t agree with?
  • Folks in the military not doing what they are ordered to do is not exacrtly something the military tends to let slide.
  • It is normal for them to pump you with rather a lot of shots. Those that wish to continue wearing the uniform either do as they are told or they face the consequences
  • How exactly is this news to anybody?

Patrick Howley says that “sick little needle dick needle cultists” are “getting sexual stimulation” from raping children with COVID-19 vaccines.

  • There appears to be a great deal of projection going on here with this guy. I’d advise keeping your kids well away from him.

Blatent Racism

Family Research Council  ‘Biblical Worldview’ Fellow: Racial Diversity in Congregations Is Not a ‘Moral Good’ 

  • It is quite jaw-dropping that they chose the eve of Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to argue that racial diversity is not a moral good.
  • Even today for some the Civil Rights Act of 1964 apparently never happened.
  • Republician Jesus: “Blessed are they who have white skin and blue eyes like me“.

Rep. Paul Gosar says that those who call him a white nationalist are the real white nationalists: “If they’re calling me a white nationalist, go back and look in the mirror. Those people that are calling it are the ones that are guilty. If you smell the stain, it’s up to you.

  • Rep. Paul Gosar, who claims he is not a racist white nationalist, was the keynote speaker at the at the America First Political Action Conference on Feb 21st, 2021. In other words, no mirrors required because for this Cinderella, the shoe fits.
  • Least you wonder, that conference is basically the “white nationalist and Far Right alternative” to CPAC and was founded by the guy in the next item below.

Nick Fuentes insists that he has nothing to apologize for after saying the N-word during a recent live stream: “I’m just trying to make things cool again. … Who made misogyny cool again? Me. Who made it cool to say that interracial is wrong? Me. And say the N-word? Well, the N-word was always funny, but me.

Jan 15: Katheryn Joyce @ Salon: Evangelicals do battle with “critical race theory” in a new online video course.

  • We live in a universe where the bulk of those opposed to CRT have no clue what it actually is. It is literally a crusade against an imaginary foe. Picture in your mind brave knights on horseback charging into battle against windmills.
  • Their course is 5 videos and have been spun with the premise that CRT is a supposedly “destructive” and “twisted” worldview.

Trump’s Latest Inflammatory Lie: White People Are Being Denied COVID Treatment

  • Yea, his latest big lie from his rally in Arizona was to tap directly into racism and so he pushed that hot button.
  • That puts the MAGA folks in the position of being outraged with the belief that they are being denied COVID vaccines, and also simultaneously outraged that they are being offered COVID vaccines and so are refusing them.

Jan 19: Paul Blest @ Vice News: Florida GOP Wants to Ban Making White People Feel ‘Discomfort’ About Racism.

  • Well hey, here is an idea. If you feel guilt about your ancestors being racist, then how about being better than them and not being racist.
  • Meanwhile, the folks who just love “freedom of speech” seek to gag meaningful conversations about what actually happened because it makes them feel “uncomfortable” … and yet they accuse liberals of being “snowflakes”.

Today’s GOP

Bianca Garcia Vows to Take Her ‘Rightful Place’ in the Texas Senate and ‘Make the Devil Run’

  • When she says that she has been called by God to take her “rightful place” in the state capitol and “make the devil run.”, does she mean that God will steal the election by supernaturally rigging the ballot?
  • If God does in fact go around nobbling elections then she, and allso those that support her, don’t need to actually vote, they can simply let the supernatural miracle happen … right?
  • Personally I think they really should demonstrate their faith by not voting.

Heidi St. John is running for Congress because “America needs a mom. There’s a whole bunch of people [in Congress] that just need to go into timeout right now … America needs a mom and so I’m running to be a mom for America.”

  • Er … no thanks, I already have a Mom.
  • If she was the only option, I’d vote to be an orphan.
  • GQP – Women should stay at home, raise kids, and cook meals. Also GQP – I’m running for Congress to be that woman.

Jan 21: Marshall Cohen, Zachary Cohen and Dan Merica @ CNN: Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states.

  • Just one opening word on this one …. “Wow”.
  • The “Big Lie” promoters are literally guilty of an attempt to overthrow democracy.
  • Any vote for any GOP candidate is a vote for more of this.

Truly Bizarre

Jan 17: David Gilbert @ Vice News: The Dallas QAnon Cult Believes JFK Was Disguised as Trump at Arizona Rally.

  • This is not your average conspiracy theory, but rather is a conspiracy theory on steroids.
  • What is truly mind blowing is not just that people embraced this latest claim by Protzman, but that they did so even after seeing every single previous claim of his being revealed to be truly gold-plated olympic-class BS.

The Big Lie

Ali Alexander Claims Capitol Insurrection Was a Deep State ‘Psyop’

  • Ali Alexander is one of the guys who actually vigerously encourage Trump supporters to rally outside the U.S. Capitol building on Jan 6, and ran the website promoting it. His tweets before the event actively encouraged violence. On the day he was one of the people active in inciting the crowd outside the Capitol on January 6, leading chants of “victory or death”
  • As they stormed the capitol, he is on film pointing at them saying “I don’t disavow this. I do not denounce this.”
  • This is all robustly documented.
  • He is literally now gaslighting by claiming it was a deep state operation.
  • For some, reality truly is an undiscovered foreign nation, and they have no way of climbing the border wall that they themselves have built to get there.

The False Profit$

Self-appointed prophet Hank Kunneman delivers a prophetic nursery rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty Biden sat on a fraudulent wall. Humpty Dumpty Biden is gonna have a great fall.”

  • Hank has a long well-established track record of issuing supposedly god given Prophecies that all fail. Let’s do a quick review of some notable highlights.
  • In 2018 he predicted God would release the cures of cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. I’d bet he hopes we all now have Alzheimer’s and so have forgotten that failed “prophecy”.
  • For the 2020 election, he guaranteed that Trump would win … and yet here we are, his beloved messiah did not get elected, but instead lost bigley.
  • As for COVID, in Feb 2020 he stated that God would protect the United States from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the death toll rapidly closing in on 1 million, we know how that panned out.
  • You would think that being 100% wrong 100% of the time would raise a bit of a red flag, but apparently not. With such a track record of “success” do you wonder if there are enough stupid people for him to grift from? I don’t need to answer that for you, we all already know.

MAGA pastor and GOP congressional candidate Leon Benjamin declares that any Christian leader who supports COVID-19 vaccines or the wearing of masks is a false prophet: “God would never cover the mouth of a true prophet!

  • What he is saying literally makes zero sense. In what way exactly does a vaccine or for that matter a mask actually prevent somebody from spouting suposedly divinely initiated pronouncements?
  • It’s religious theatre of course. All he wants here is to tap into the anti-vaxx demographic for support and $$$

Trump Prophecies and the Big Lie: One Year In

  • The above link takes you to an article that is a great takedown of the self-appointed prophets by RWW. The “prophets” spent the last year promoting the big lie and insisting that they are not false prophets.
  • They take you through each, one by one, revealing that their “prophecies” have all crashed and utterly failed. I’d guess you know all this anyway and are not surprised. These days what would be a deep shock is finding one of them actually got a successful prophecy (don’t hold your breath waiting for that).
  • The key extract from the posting is this: “their commitment to the Big Lie is also deeply personal, as promoting it provides an explanation for their false prophecies and allows them to claim that their reputations as influential religious leaders, political commentators, and oracles of God are intact
  • Will their gullible followers ever wise up? Some might, but most will not because they are too deeply invested emotionally to be capable of letting go.

Good News Item

Jan 14: Kipp Jones @ Mediaite: DirecTV to Drop Conservative OANN From Its Lineup.

  • Quote: “We informed Herring Networks that, following a routine internal review, we do not plan to enter into a new contract when our current agreement expires,” DirecTV said. OANN will be dropped by the satellite provider some time in early April.
  • This will really hurt them financially, and that quite frankly is well deserved for this disinformation broadcaster.

Meanwhile … Justin Baragona @ The Daily Beast: OAN Owner Begs Viewers to Call Other Cable Providers After DirecTV Drops Channel.

  • Translation: This is really going to hurt them and that is truly great news for all of us who care about truth.

Doing something about the constant flow of blatant disinformation is the key moving forward.

This week’s final quote

“Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating that intelligence. Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none.

French Film Director, Claude Chabrol

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