The Cult of Fools (Oct 1, 2023) – “Trump Guilty of Fraud”

cult of fools
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So yes, this past week has indeed been yet another notable week for Trump.

Take a look at the actual summary judgement from last week. Judge Engoron has found that Donald Trump committed fraud and has ordered the cancellation of all of his New York business certificates and the dissolution of the Trump Organization.

To be wholly clear, this is just the summary judgement. Trump being Trump, he attempted to delay the actual trial, but thankfully the court said “Nope”, and so the trial commences on Monday Oct 2.

Looking at how this is playing out, the Trump Organization could be forced to relinquish control of their properties to a court-appointed receiver, or ultimately have to sell some of their landmarks.

The malignant turd and fraudster-in-chief has worked ever so hard to get to this point, so it truly is nice to see him reaping his well-earned reward.

I also don’t need to remind you of this, but the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not forget the criminal charges over election interference and also the charges related to his handling of classified documents are in the pipeline and coming up in due course.

We truly do live in “interesting” times because this, as we all know, is the guy that the GOP is still running with as their very best choice for election in 2024.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary.

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky swamp of utter absurdity and pure unadulterated stupidity.

Christian Nationalism

David Lane gripes that “Christian absence from the voting booth and its negligible impact on the culture have empowered secularism’s disciples to elect their representatives, create and pass legislation, and so codify into law secularism’s ungodly immoral values.

  • WTF is he babbling on about? The vast majority of voters are some variation of Christian and the vast majority of those elected are some variation of Christian.
  • secularism’s ungodly immoral values” … so there you go then all you naughty sinners, you are clearly embracing ungodly freedom and not staying true to Mr Lane’s narrow-minded religious fascist ideals.

Lance Wallnau is fed up with Christians who dare to criticize former President Donald Trump at a time when “demons are running the country”: “Maybe God set it up, so you gotta get past your religious foibles and recognize there’s bigger issues going on here than your predilections regarding pious candidates.”

  • Maybe God set it up” … nope.
  • demons are running the country” … again, nope, just humans. Demons are not a thing, this is 2023, not 1692.
  • So let me play that back for you. He is claiming that Biden the guy who devoutly attends church every week is a demon, but Trump, who never attends any church, and has no moral or ethical values, but instead has collected over 91 criminal indictments, is the good guy. I have a sneaky suspicion that Mr Wallnau’s moral compass is well and truly banjaxed.
  • The hatred that Lance gives off for all who are not carved in his precise image leads me to think he would happily see the inquisition brought back if it wasn’t so messy and illegal.

Not a Drag Queen

Benjamin and Shaantal Garlick ran a traveling Christian ministry with their six kids. That came to a halt after they were arrested on 14 charges involving crimes against children.

  • The story ends with this punchline … “Neither Benjamin nor his wife are drag queens.“. I love it. Literally every story like this should now use that last line.

Even More Religious Weirdness

Dennis Prager brags that he has “brought more Americans to Christianity than any living Christian” and “brought more Jews to Judaism than any living Jew”: “I know that for a fact.”

  • Concurrently advocating both “Christianity” and “Judaism” is just weird.
  • Mr Prager’s facts are fiction, and not just the claim above, but his entire supposed online university that has no accreditation.
  • What is perhaps true is that he has indeed managed to singlehanded influence the number of Christians in the US … by driving many away from Christianity.

Kandiss Taylor, the far-right activist, “Jesus, Guns, and Babies” candidate, and flat earther who unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2022 and recently became a Georgia GOP district chair, brags that “my volunteers and supporters have taken over at least 60% of GAGOP leadership roles.

  • The GA 14th District also gave us Marjorie Taylor Greene. We should perhaps express our deepest sympathy for the rational sane people who still live in GA
  • For context, when she stood in the GA GOP primary she only got 3.4% of the vote

Gene Bailey, host of the “FlashPoint” program on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel, declares that “we, as Christians, need to stand up for Russell Brand.” Brand, of course, is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault.

The Cult of Trump

MAGA Pastor and convicted fraudster Shane Vaughn tells his followers, (all 3 of them), not to worry about the court ruling finding former President Donald Trump guilty of fraud because “Trump always wins.”

  • I just love that “winning”, can we all please have lots more of that “winning” please.

Meanwhile, here are the results of a poll from the folks who don’t grasp they have been lied to and brainwashed because they have been lied to and brainwashed …

Christian “Love”

This below is what the vast majority of white evangelicals will continue to support. So yes, that whooshing sound are the actual teachings of Jesus swooshing far out of the reach of their tiny brainless and morally bankrupt heads.

It is a GOP policy that is designed to keep people poor, hungry, ignorant, fearful, sick, and scared …

Homophobia on Steroids

Pastor Jason Rapert attempts to topple the “LGBTQ cult” that has allegedly taken over the country: “Let go of our reins of government in this nation! You will not drag us into your pit!

  • Mr Rapert is a fine example of a Christian who likes to ditch all the actual teachings of Jesus … love your neighbor, welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, etc …
  • “taken over the country” translation: simply living a life free from being harassed by homophobic lunatics.
  • Irony Alert: Religious cultist accuses others not in his cult of being in a cult because they are not in his cult.

Meanwhile …


Anna Perez declares that President Joe Biden “is legitimately pedo-Hitler”: “This man is a demon.

  • Its always a binary choice with these folks … either you are the messiah or you are Hitler and a Demon, never anything in between.

Charlie Kirk complains that he gets criticized by Christians for being too political but he insists that he is just “being biblical in the tradition of Daniel, Mordecai, Esther, Jeremiah, Nehemiah.”

  • Regarding his “Christian” followers, good old Charlie looked upon then and then he knew them (in the biblical sense)

Ali Alexander thinks that even though the Nazis may have committed “a little bit of genocide,” they shouldn’t constantly be “painted as supervillians.”

  • Ah yes, the Nazis who are now the good guys but unfortunately got a little bit of bad press, because they did “a little bit of genocide
  • History will not be kind to Ali, and neither will any of today’s historians when faced with Ali’s alternative history.

Scott Lively seems to be worried that former President Donald Trump may literally be the Antichrist.

  • What is deeply bizarre about this is that his taken him almost a decade to work this out. Even when Trump was previously being promoted as a messiah like figure was not a sufficient clue for him.
  • Clearly what is going on here is that he is testing the waters to see if calling Trump a turd is acceptable yet.

Mark Meckler refuses to believe any of the allegations against Russell BrandMatt SchlappTim Ballard, or James O’Keefe.

  • His proclamation tells us nothing at all about some of the worst people out there. Mr Mecker’s support for them does perhaps tell us a great deal about Mark Mecker.

Philip Zodhiates, who went to prison for his role in the Lisa Miller kidnapping saga, claims that his legal troubles are all part of “an agenda of pushing adult-child sex, legitimization of adult-child sex.”

  • Sorry Phil, but it really was just the kidnapping.

Self-appointed “prophet” Robin Bullock gave rapping a go …

Meanwhile, as always, there has been plenty more weirdness during the past week …

  • Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: Rumble host Stew Peters airs segment calling for the executions of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.
  • Edith Olmstead @ The New Republic: Tim Scott Suggests Slavery Wasn’t as Bad as Welfare for Black Americans.
  • Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: Nikki DESTROYS Vivek Over TikTok Explanation: ‘Every Time I Hear You I Feel a Little Bit DUMBER.’
  • Joe Jervis: Ramaswamy Declares Trans People To Be Mentally Ill.
  • J.D. Wolf @ Meidas Touch: Non-Union Attendees Held Union Signs At Trump’s Fake Union Rally.
  • Hannah Natanson @ The Washington Post: She challenges one school book a week. She says she’ll never stop.
  • Josh Israel @ The American Independent: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson uses photo of pro-‘Bidenomics’ company to attack ‘Bidenomics.’

The False Profit$

Tim Sheets reports that God has launched a “strike force of angel armies” around the world that will soon lead to an explosion of miracles and prophetic events.

Self-described Christian “prophet” Robin Bullock is very upset Hemant Mehta shared a clip of him sayingYou’re the one with your head stuck up the butt and the ass of religion!” His response gets increasingly unhinged.

  • At one point Robin babbles on about an R-rated movie that involves having sex with a giraffe … giraffe porn!! … what exactly is Robin Bullock watching in his free time?


Top WTF News reporting of the week

The Axios headline scoop here is “FLASH: President wears sneakers“, then several paragraphs within that same article, they toss the following in as an afterthought … “the other guy is calling for political executions

I guess the use of sneakers is now the single greatest scandal in presidential history (since President Obama wore a tan suit). As for it being a “SCOOP”, the “news” that Biden wears sneakers has been in the public domain for many years.

This is literally not journalism …

Hypocrisy of the week

Almost a shutdown …

In the build up to it …

… but with just a few mins left until the deadline …

… so we will be back here again to watch yet another shit-show being dished up by a few nutty extremists about mid Nov.

Actions really do have consequences

It appears as if Stew Peters’ habit of using his nightly program to say baseless and outrageous things might be catching up with him.

That last link is a link to his GoFundMe defence fund for the lawsuit that has been filed against him in Arizona. If curious, details can be found in this local news article: “Judge rules Arizona has jurisdiction to hear Sheehy’s defamation lawsuit against national podcaster Stew Peters”. His Wikipedia page has also been updated with these details …

Peters is being sued by the General Manager of the London Bridge Resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Cal Sheehy, who also is Mayor of Lake Havasu City, alleges Peters defamed him on his show in September 2022, over a drag show that was due to be held at the resort in February 2023. Peters allegedly shared Sheehy’s contact information with his viewers, which resulted in threatening calls against him. As of August 2023, the case is due to be heard by an Arizona court

Meanwhile …

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