The Cult of Fools – No Second coming .. again. – Mar 7, 2021

This was the week of March 4. The significance is of course that this is the day that the QAnon cult believed would see Trump back in the White House. We all know the outcome. In our reality, we all knew this outcome before March 4.

Just like every previous QAnon “prediction” nothing happened. Also just like every previous failed prediction, these QAnon fools simply picked another date.

One can only wonder how many more times they will go around this loop before the penny drops.

What other insanity has bubbled to the surface during this past week?

You will find below a few examples that have popped up during the past week …

The Cult of Trump

  • Christians Must Push GOP to Restrict Voting to ‘Prepare the Way’ for Trump’s Return, Says Pastor Shane Vaughn
    • Yes indeed, he seriously only wants the votes of Trump voters to be counted. Nobody else should be permitted to vote. This is literally a one-party dictatorship he wants for his beloved Trump messiah.
    • I’m really not exaggerating with that “messiah” quip. He likened conservative’s efforts to enact voter suppression legislation to the way in which John the Baptist was sent to “prepare the way” for the coming of Jesus Christ.
  • Kat Kerr continues to insist that Trump won the election and will be restored to office, claiming that Trump is already in possession of all the evidence he needs to ensure that those who supposedly stole the election from him will be “shot for treason.”
    • Ket continues to be wrong. To make a case all anybody needs to do is to cite credible evidence – the quantity of that is exactly zero.

Dr Seuss

  • Glenn Beck freaks out over the news that a few Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published because they contain racist imagery: “It is the end of freedom in America.
    • Glenn is telling you that an important “freedom” he wants to protect is the “Freedom to be a racist”. Meanwhile the rest of us will exercise our freedom of speech to tell this Trump sycophant to F off.


  • One year ago, Cindy Jacobs took authority over the COVID-19 virus and ordered it to “cease worldwide.”
    • One year to the day later we can see how well that worked out.


  • The Family Research Council prays against the Equality Act:
    • Permit me to give you the short version “Dear God, please keep our society divided and unequal
  • Pete Hegseth claims that when he sits down with real Americans at diners across this nation, “they’re not talking about esoteric things that the Ivy League talks about. Instead, he says, “They’re talking about things like the Bible, standing for the national anthem, and the 10th Amendment.
    • Well yes, I just love all those bible, national anthem, and 10th amendment talks I have with my buddies in the local diner each week. Nobody would ever dare mention “esoteric” stuff such as sport (gasp!).
  • Glenn Beck, (yes he pops up again), is handing out awards for egregious political hypocrisy.
    • Ironically, if there was an award for the biggest hypocrite handing out awards for hypocrisy, Beck would win it.
  • Mat Staver claims that the Equality Act will protect pedophiles because the “Q” in LGBTQ “includes the entire universe and that universe can include … what we would call pedophilia.”
    • He can literally Google LGBTQ to find what the Q really stands for, but can’t actually do that because it would scupper his agenda of bigotry.
  • Mike Lindell Is Readying Another Documentary and Lawsuit That He Claims Will Finally Convince SCOTUS the Election Was Stolen
    • His February documentary with rock solid “proof” consisted almost entirely of him interviewing fellow voter-fraud conspiracy theorists as they made the same baseless allegations. Prediction: This new one will be more of the same.
    • In the context of the Dominion $1.3 billion defamation suit filed against him, it is indeed odd to observe the defendant providing yet more evidence to assist the prosecution.

False Profit$

  • Striking her staff upon the ground, “prophetess” Kat Kerr calls forth Donald Trump to step into his destiny and take his rightful place as president.
    • The problem with the idea of Trump coming forth is that he came second.
  • Scott Lively reports that he once did a prayer walk around the Southern Poverty Law Center asking God to destroy the organization. He notes that “so far, that prayer has not been effective.
    • Literally talking to brick walls does indeed tend not to be effective.
  • Hank Kunneman prophesied there would be a “January of Justice” in which the alleged voter fraud that supposedly stole the election from Donald Trump was exposed, after which Trump would be inaugurated. That didn’t happen, so now Kunneman is claiming it was a prophecy about Trump being acquitted in the impeachment trial … which happened in February.
    • Translation (his target audience here is not you, but others): “Hey guys, I really am a guy with supernatural prophetic powers so just ignore all my failures and keep donating $$ to me”

Fools of the Week – March 4th

As for the next date, it is apparently March 20th. Personally I think April 1st would have been a better more apt choice since it is the official international QAnon celebration day. They can probably still pick that one on March 21st.

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