The Cult of Fools – “More Jan 6 Revelations” – June 19, 2022

cult of fools
By bdk, CC BY-SA 3.0

Last monday’s Day 2 session presented solid evidence that President Donald Trump knew he lost the 2020 presidential election but continued to make false stolen-election claims anyway. In addition to that we also got these revelations …

  • An “intoxicated” Giuliani wanted Trump to “declare victory and say we won it outright,”. Others in the room advised against that. Trump being Trump went with the guidance from the drunk guy.
  • Overall two sides took shape in the White House on election night, “Team Normal” and “Team Crazy”. Trump sidelined “Team Normal” and went with “Team Crazy”.
  • His own handpicked people in the DOJ told him that his stolen election claims had no basis in fact and it was all bullshit.
  • Trump defrauded his supporters of $250 million. He send out emails begging for donations for an Election Defense Fund. No such fund existed, it was just a scam.

Thursday’s Day 3 session threw Mike Pence into the spotlight …

  • Trump lawyer John Eastman peddled a theory that the vice president could have the authority to overturn the election. He knew his theory was false. He continued to peddle this nonsense after the capital attack while knowing that it was criminal.
  • Trump launched a public pressure campaign on Pence despite being told repeatedly his plan to overturn the election was unconstitutional. Trump went as far as calling Pence to his face a Wimp.
  • Trump put Pence in serious life threatening danger from the mob. They came as close as 40 feet.

Best quote comes from White House counsel Eric Herschmann. He told the committee that he said to Eastman …

‘Are you out of your f-ing mind? Now I’m going to give you the best free legal advice you’re ever getting in your life. Get a great f-ing criminal defense lawyer. You’re going to need it.’

Eastman knew he was guilty, and asked for a Presidential Pardon.

None of this is normal or just politics. It was an actual attempt to overthrow democracy and came very close to succeeding. Those on board with all of this and supporting it all are literally a political cult, a cult of fools.

Moving on, below you will find my usual selection of some of the other truly bizarre claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


Climate “Experts”

Marge Greene presents her scientific argument why global warming is a good thing: “This earth warming and carbon is actually healthy for us.

  • She has literally weaponised pure stupidity. Clearly Rep. Louie Gohmert is now facing some stiff challenges for the “stupidest representative” crown.
  • As the old saying goes, she might indeed look like an idiot and also talk like an idiot. Don’t let that facade fool you, because behind that mask it is actually not an act, she really is that stupid.

Bizarre Responses to the Jan 6 Hearings

Mike Lindell says Bill Barr is “the most delusional person that has ever walked the planet.” He says he has spent millions investigating fraud, and “people have quit their jobs and that’s all they do” is look for fraud all day. “What a disgraceful person.

  • Lindell has spent over $30 million “investigating” election fraud and so far has got nothing. He has been well and truly played by a string of fraudsters who very happily take his money.
  • The only case that Lindell ever successfully made was a pillow case and even then it was of dubious quality.

Trump attorney Christina Bobb is complaining that the J6 Committee isn’t presenting Trump’s side of the story: “They’re gagging Pres Trump’s side, but then they’re doing everything they can to put their witnesses out front and center.”

  • Ever so picky point regarding her claim – Almost every witnesses so far has been either one Trump’s inner circle, a Trump Family member, or a lifetime Republican, not dems.
  • It’s also a hearing, not a trial.
  • So who is stopping Trump himself from testifying … oh right, that would be Trump.

Rep. Claudia Tenney on Monday’s J6 hearing: “This is a Soviet-style propaganda trial, like a show trial. They put this tape together using propaganda. Selected words and clauses, cut and pasted, to smear the people they want to smear.

  • I keep having to say this, but here it is again … it’s not a trial, it’s a hearing.
  • Meanwhile we should note that Rep. Claudia Tenney is an expert on “Soviet-style propaganda”. She received campaign cash from a Soviet-born businessman, Igor Fruman, who was indicted for trying to influence state and federal elections with hidden foreign money.
  • You will perhaps not be shocked to learn that when it comes to campaign finances, Rep Claudia Tenny spent most of it on her own companies. Like most of her rhetoric, her actions are also very much classic Trump moves.
  • One quote comes to mine – “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” Orwell

Folks for whom Reality is an undiscovered country

Jarrin Jackson declares that “the Democratic Party has morphed into the Pedocratic Party full of Groomers and Abusers of children. Time to REMOVE ALL RINOs to fight the demonic agenda of the Pedocratic Party.

Laura Loomer issues this warning: “Our country is rapidly failing because we have total moral and societal ROT AND DECAY. Makes me sick to my stomach. I have to win my election for the sake of my country! Winning truly is the only option. I can’t take the insanity in my country anymore. I need to get to DC and fix all of this with a wrecking ball.

  • Who wants to explain to her that we have “total moral and societal ROT AND DECAY” because people exactly like her get elected.

Trump Junior says Hunter Biden’s laptop could start World War III.

  • Mark Meadows cell phone is everything that Republicans deeply wish Hunter’s mythical laptop was
  • The folks who keep claiming “proof” have so far come up with exactly nothing
  • The “crime” that Hunter is accused of is making $$ off his dad’s connections. Remind me again where that $2 billion that Ivanka and Jared came from. #hyprocrasy-on-steroids
  • Meanwhile we get actual solid robust proof of an attempt to overthrow US democracy … and these same folks are all OK with that.


The Log Cabin Republicans, a well- established group of gay conservatives who honored Melania Trump at a Mar-a-Lago event earlier this year, was denied a booth at the TX State GOP Convention.

  • I’m honestly not surprised. What I’ll never understand is why gay citizens support a party and agenda that disparages and marginalizes them, and actively works to take away their equal rights.
  • About here is the right place for the “face-eating leopards party” meme, you know the one.

Christian Fanatics

Kandiss Taylor, the Jesus, Guns, and Babies candidate, says she cried all day after receiving only 3.4 percent of the vote in Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary because it means the state has become “communist”: “This is the end to freedom as we know it.

  • It was the Republican primary, is she claiming that they are all “communists” now?
  • We know that many are crazy these days. The good news here is that only 3.4 percent of them were that crazy.

Some very good news – Christian nationalist MAGA pastor Mark Burns won’t be able to fulfill his dream of going to Congress and reestablishing HUAC in order to execute LGBTQ-friendly parents and teachers for treason, he has lost his primary.

  • Just waiting for him to start screaming about election fraud in … 5,4,3,2,1….
  • What is perhaps a tad frightening is that this rather violent “pastor” who was baying to execute innocent people got 23.8% of the vote.

The False Profit$

Kent Christmas proclaims that God is going to release a “death angel” on the Earth that will take out “evil” leaders who are in public office: “They ain’t gonna be voted out, they’re gonna be removed out.

  • With a name like that I can only wonder if Santa Claus has gone over to the dark side.
  • Number of predictions that Kent has promoted as a direct word from God – lots.
  • Number of predictions from Kent that actually turned out to be true – zero.
  • Deuteronomy 18:21-22 – “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord? If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.
  • I’d guess that some metal bands are now toying with the idea of calling themselves “Death Angel”

A horse named “We The People” finished fourth at the Belmont Stakes and Johnny Enlow explains how that is also a prophetic sign.

  • If I was rich, I would name horses and race cars and anything else I could think of that would trigger these guys.
  • If the horse farts, will that also be a “prophetic sign”?
  • Do you think his claim is the excuse he came up with when he was caught gambling donations?

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