The Cult of Fools – “Mike Lindell’s Big Reveal” – Aug 15, 2021

cult of fools
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This past week is the week in which Mike Lindell promised his big reveal of “evidence” of election fraud at his “Cyber Symposium”. He has been touting it for some time now and promising that his reveal would overturn the election. If you anticipated that it would be a farcical shit-show that offered up nothing at all, then you would have been spot on because that is exactly how it played out.

Did Lindell offer up a pile of bullshit as “evidence”?

Nope, not even that, he offered up nothing at all.

Here is a 4 min clip from CNN …

But Lindell has a Cyber “expert … right?

Yes, he does. His Cyber “Expert” Josh Merritt admitted Wednesday that the “stolen election” claims where false. He said the data provided by Lindell ‘cannot prove a cyberincursion by China‘ in an interview with the Right-Wing leaning paper Washington Times.

Meanwhile on stage, Lindell was also told that he has lost his attempt to have the $1.3bn Dominion lawsuit against him dismissed. That case will now proceed. In other words, actions really do have consequences. That’s especially true if you libel billion dollar corporations by touting conspiracy claims that have zero substance.

Rudy Giuliani is in that same lawsuit so it impacts him as well. Giuliani is struggling with legal debts and has pleaded with Trump for financial help. Inevitably 45 does what he does best, he has simply ghosted Giuliani and ignored his plea’s for help. This is just the beginning of the consequences of Giuliani’s utter contempt for truth.

So what else has happened during this past week?

Below you will find a selection of truly bizarre claims and declarations. What follows comes with a hat-tip to my source, Right-Wing watch. They simply report the absurd silly claims without comment. The snarky commentary under each below is wholly mine, it is me having a bit of fun mocking these fools.

The Big Lie

Jeff Jansen, who “prophesied” that former President Donald Trump would be back in office by April before moving the date to June, now insists that he knows “for a fact that [Trump] has already been inaugurated” on March 4.

  • From the location that Jeff is in right now, reality is so far away over the horizon that it is completely out of sight.

Josh Mandel Says Democrats Are ‘Stomping on the Graves’ of Veterans By Not Investigating Trump’s False Stolen Election Claims

  • Hey Josh, name just one veteran who went into battle and died for a deliberate lie.
  • What actually could anybody investigate?
  • Tip: 45 tossing his toys out of his pram when he lost is not “evidence” of a stolen election, but rather is evidence that the majority of voters are not completely lunatics.

We’ve now reached the portion of the stolen election conspiracy theory where others are accusing Mike Lindell of using “forged” and “fake” evidence for the purpose of covering up the real evidence of massive election fraud.

  • A conspiracy claim about a conspiracy claim. There is literally no bottom to this barrel of stupidity.


Surf School Owner Kills His Children After Being Brainwashed by QAnon

  • This is serious and deeply tragic. It is one more data point that reveals what can happen to people who fall down the QAnon rabbit hole.
  • Quote-1: “Coleman further explained that he was “enlightened” by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and was receiving “visions and signs” revealing that his wife possessed “serpent DNA” and had passed it onto his children. When asked by FBI agents whether Coleman knew what he did was wrong, he stated that he knew it was wrong but that it was the “only course of action that would save the world.”
  • Quote-2: The QAnon conspiracy theories have consumed relationships and marriages across the United States, with thousands of people sharing their stories on support groups such as Reddit’s r/QAnonCasualties subreddit.  Countless spouses and family members shared stories about their “losing” their loved ones to QAnon. Recently, a student who survived the Parkland shooting in 2018 revealed in the subreddit that QAnon convinced his own father that the tragic shooting was nothing more than a hoax


Liberty Counsel’s Holly Meade claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide for the purpose of “controlling people and linking them to the internet.”

  • I’m personally proud to announce that I’ve receive two shots, but so far my 5G upgrade and internet access has not worked. Who do I complain to about this?
  • Also, the magnetic superpower that I was promised is a dud (sigh! … rips up Avengers application form).

Joshua Feuerstein tells Christians “you don’t have to wear the mask, you got Jesus. You don’t need the vaccine, you got Jesus.”

  • One can only wonder if Joshua applies this “logic” all the way. As in … You don’t need insurance for anything, you got Jesus, you don’t need any medical care for anything ever, you got Jesus, etc…
  • If what he claimed was actually true, then “real” Christians would never catch colds or flu.

Greg Locke warns that if the government enacts restrictions on churches in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, …“we going to meet you at the door with our Second Amendment right.

  • Greg is starting to make Westboro Baptist look like shy reserved moderates.

Steve Strang, CEO and founder of Charisma magazine, blames “cancel culture” for blocking “the free flow of important medical information to millions of Americans—potentially risking lives in today’s pandemic.

  • You can probably guess this, but when Steve uses the term “the free flow of important medical information”, what he actually means is disinformation about whacky bizarre treatments that don’t actually work.
  • He specifically references hydroxychloroquine as an example and quotes the go-to nutter Dr. Stella Immanuel for “evidence”.
  • Fact Check: Hydroxychloroquine has been studied for an ability to prevent and treat coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19), but clinical trials found it ineffective for this purpose and a possible risk of dangerous side effects.[8] The speculative use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID‑19 threatens its availability for people with established indications.[9]

Mat Staver Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Are Designed to ‘Prevent People From Procreating’

  • Dig into this and what you find is that Mat is suggesting that people who are vaccinated are impacting the health of those that have not been vaccinated. Personally, I’m quite happy for him, and those that listen to him, to believe this. I rather like the idea of them all striving to avoid being anywhere near all of us.

… and for a bit of fun, you might also enjoy this nice bit off satire published by English cartoonist David Squires that past week that mocks these fools …

Truly Bizarre

It is 2021 and Pat Robertson is still warning people against playing Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Pat, it’s just a role playing game.
  • There is now an entire generation that has no idea how you actually play this. Those that do are now thanking Pat for advertising it and helping to revive it.

Bill Donohue is angry that the media is not covering the fact that gymnast Simone Biles is Catholic, and he thinks he knows why: “To be black is to be a victim; to be a Catholic is to be a victimizer. Therefore citing Biles’ religious affiliation gets in the way of their narrative, which is to cast her as a member of the oppressed class.

Shane Vaughn insists that Gov. Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign by disgruntled Democrats who dislike Vice President Kamala Harris and feared that Cuomo would be able to defeat Republican Rep. Liz Cheney when she runs for president in 2024.

  • There is rather a lot of shit clinging to this claim. That’s basically because Shane just pulled it directly out of his arse.

Larry Gaiters is asking for donations so he can expand his reach globally, with a goal of “having at least 7 to 10 billion students.”

  • Do you want to tell him or shall I?
  • Hint for those struggling here: The entire population of the planet is way lower than 10 billion.

The False Profit$

The stars here are of course the religious grifters. To be wholly clear, most humans, regardless of their cultural belief or non-belief are decent. Some however deploy and leverage belief as a tool to manipulate and enrich themselves with. This section is very much dedicated to religious fraudsters …

Greg Locke Claims Tennessee Plans to Lock Up Unvaccinated People in ‘Quarantine Camps’

  • Yes, Greg again.
  • Greg really ramped up his stance this past week, as I mentioned above, in the crazy leagues, he has gone “Full Westboro Baptist”. I can only speculate that he is looking for bigger donations and so is cranking up the rhetoric with stuff like this that is designed to invoke fear in those that take his word as “Truth”.
  • FACT CHECK: Greg is lying … well yes, most can see that, but not the MAGA crowd. The authorization to build temporary quarantine facilities is mentioned in Section 18, not Section 8, of Lee’s executive order, everything else Locke said about it is wrong. The order does not give the National Guard the power to imprison those who refuse to be vaccinated but merely states that if temporary quarantine or isolation facilities need to be quickly constructed in Tennessee, the state, in an effort to speed up the process, has suspended regulations that require plans for the construction of new health care facilities to be preapproved and certified as meeting applicable state health and safety requirements. His spin on that broke the sound barrier.

Televangelist Perry Stone says that Christians don’t worry about climate change or the environment because they know that all those problems will be taken care of when Jesus comes back.

  • Perry’s “Logic” is literally this: “I’ve dropped trash all over my yard and my neighbours yard, and my dog has crapped all over the place as well, but I don’t need to clean it up because Jesus will sort it all out when he comes back”. No neighbour would ever go “Oh OK, that’s fine then”.
  • Least you wonder, yes, this is the same guy who acted inappropriately with his female employees last year.

For a donation of $1,000, Jim Bakker will send you two books, a CD, a DVD, plus a miracle blanket that, if you put your bills under it, will miraculously help you pay them off

Hank Kunneman continues to use his sermons to scream about the election supposedly having been stolen from former President Donald Trump: “The evidence is factual. It does not and it will not lie!

  • A Preacher promoting fiction as fact, I guess that’s built into the job description for the role.
  • Reminder: This self-appointed prophet announced a “Prophecy” in which he guaranteed that Trump would win. He is too deeply invested now to admit he was wrong.

Kent Christmas used his Sunday sermon to claim that “Joe Biden stole the office” and pose a simple question to all those who can’t see that supposedly obvious fact: “What planet do you live on?”

  • Kent, we live on a planet called Earth. You clearly don’t.

Is that it?

It never is. The above are simply samples from just one week that caught my eye. There is also of course lots more. There always is.

However, that a wrap for now, it’s time to hit “publish”.

Will next week be any different, is it possible for all these crazy people to suddenly find some common sense?

You know the answer. Past experience is an indicator of future behaviour.

What they earn each and every week is laughter and mockery.

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