The Cult of Fools (Jan 1, 2023) – “Greta burns Andrew Tate”

cult of fools
By bdk, CC BY-SA 3.0

So yes, you will already be aware of this one, but it just has to be the story to lead with this week. The far-right icon and InfoWars star, Andrew Tate, who had previously been banned from Twitter but had his account restored by Elon, decided that it would be cool, funny, and smart to poke a bear with a sharp stick like this …

He did it for the clicks … and yes, that tweet got him over 221K likes.

Mr Tate might think he knows Greta, but he does not, he really does not. She replied with what just has to be the most epic Twitter Burn of the year …

Her reply gets over 3.6 million likes and hundreds of millions of views. She so robustly owned Andrew Tate that Twitter started malfunctioning.

Net impact:

  • Mr Tate will now forever be immortalised as the guy who got burned by Greta on twitter and will not be remembered for anything else (except perhaps his arrest).
  • I guess we also learned that Greta is actually willing to burn this specific fossil

Meanwhile, while you and I were deeply amused by it all, the wingnuts promptly threw a thermonuclear hissy fit over the idea of their hero being burned like this.

As for the wider public, many had never heard of Andrew Tate and had to google him to find out who he was. Absolutely nobody had to google Greta.

Somebody even briefly put it into Mr Tate’s Wikipedia page that lists his Kickboxing tally …

One other insight regarding his “character” is that he is living proof that having the vaccine really is effective at repelling undesirables …

Funny as all that actually is, the true piece de resistance is what comes next. As a response to Greta’s tweet Mr Tate did a video in which he tries and fails to take her down. There is a story doing the rounds that this video was his downfall. In it was a Pizza box that supposedly identified exactly where he was

Sorry, but nice as this would have been, it is not actually true that the Romanian Authorities used this to work out where he was. We accuse others of promoting misinformation, let’s resolve to not do the same.

What is of course true is that the authorities in Romania really detained Mr Tate for being involved in Organised Crime, rape, and sexual trafficking …

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are escorted by police officers outside the headquarters of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism in Bucharest (DIICOT) after being detained, in Bucharest, Romania. Photograph: Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea/Reuters

One last point on all this. Mr Tate is an icon to the far right and also many religious people. Those are the folks who are often playing the pizzagate child sexual abuse QAnon card in an attempt to tarnish others, yet here is one of their own heroes who is now revealed to be oh so guilty of some very very dark stuff. This is the guy they openly endorsed and very vocally supported.

As for Mr Tate’s car emissions. Right now they are exactly zero and will remain at zero for quite some time.

OK, one last quip. We now live in a world where if someone refers to the “pizza human trafficking story” you’ll have to ask them to be a bit more specific.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


Christian Nationalism

Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann spent Christmas teaching her grandkids how they’ll be tortured in Hell unless they follow her religion.

  • Age 6 and Age 3 … she felt compelled to instil a fear of hell into them to ensure they become fanatically religious.
  • Why miss an opportunity” to terrorise children and emotionally manipulate people.
  • Spending eternity with folks like Ms Bachmann is perhaps sufficient motive for many to consider it all and suggest, “Er nope, hell sounds just fine, I’m good with it”

“Truth” – An Undiscovered Country

Meanwhile a recent update is that Santos is now under federal investigation according to CNN.


Scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland says he “will never have COVID of any kind” because he’s a faithful Christian.

  • COVID does not check your beliefs before infecting you. Many many many committed sincere faithful Christians are now dead, often because then refused the vaccine and refused to wear masks.
  • Copeland also rather famously claimed back in March 2020 that he had destroyed COVID.
  • Tweet by Singer/Songwriter Troy Westwood: “If lunacy and wretchedness had a baby, it’s name would be Kenneth Copeland”

In his own words

I’ll just drop this here without any further comment …


Christian hate-preacher Joe Jones says churches that allow gay people inside are “putting your children at risk.”

Political Shenanigans

They really do not operate in the interests of those that voted for them …

Meanwhile, this next item is simply hilarious …

Drag Queen Story Hour

Truly Bizarre

Pastor Greg Locke Tweet: “So I guess we’ve reached the place where if you publicly disagree with the Left’s favorite paid actor brat @GretaThunberg, you get arrested. Wow! Climate change STUPIDITY has reached peak insanity.

  • Greg is of course lying as usual. No he was not arrested for trolling Greta, he got arrested because he is a rapist and human trafficker … way to go Greg for raising an objection to that.
  • Also, welcome to modern evangelicalism where an adult male pastor calls a 19 year old girl a “brat” for caring about the world we live in.
  • Meanwhile, Greg has spent years claiming, on the basis of no credible evidence, that Democrats were involved is sex trafficking … yet when one of his friends is arrested for very credibly doing exactly that, Greg tries to defend him.

Tucker Carlson & Andrew Tate

Last August Tucker was vigorously supporting Andrew Tate …

Interesting Articles

It really did not have to play out the way it did …

BBC- Dec 31: Ginni Thomas: US Supreme Court justice’s wife says she regret her post-election texts

Trump Tax Returns & Finance

Some Key highlights …

  • Returns shed light on questionable tax claims … his offsets used to reduce tax look totally bogus and manufactured to dodge tax.
  • Returns show he held foreign bank accounts while in office … he claimed he did not, yet here is solid evidence that he did.
  • When asked if he had only paid $750 tax, he lied and said nope. Here now is evidence of that lie.

As people pour through the details no doubt much more will come to the surface.

Least you wonder, yes, this con-artist and grifter has indeed conned all his supporters.

Donald Trump raised $250 million to fight the election results, but only used $10 million in post-election litigation, and when Don Jr. was asked if he knew where the rest of the money went, he said “I do not. Everyone should be talking about this. Source is via sworn testimony collected via Jan 6th Committee.

The False Profit$

One year ago, Christian preacher Kent Christmas predicted that faith-healing would be so powerful in 2022 that “hospitals and clinics will become empty,” AIDS will be stamped out, and “cancer is going to begin to disappear.”

  • With this “Prophet” it has never been about Praying, but rather preying and profits.
  • Nothing he predicts ever actually happens, and none of this matters to those that believe he is a prophet.

Statistic of the week

People are complicated and will often surprise you …

Meanwhile …

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