The Cult of Fools – Intolerance – Mar 21, 2021


Regardless of their specific belief or non-belief, most people are generally decent and have genuine empathy for others. Take for example CNN anchor Don Lemon. During an appearance on The View last Monday, Don who is a Christian, responded to the news that the catholic Church would not endorse same-sex unions with the following thought …

God is not about hindering people or even judging people… I would say to the pope and the Vatican and all Christians or Catholics… go out and meet people, and try to understand people, and do what the Bible and what Jesus actually said — if you believe in Jesus — and that is to love your fellow man and to [judge not lest ye be judged].

The response from some is exactly what you might anticipate. The conservative hate-based Christians at the Illinois Family Institute freaked out over Lemon’s remarks because HOW DARE he suggest God loves people.

Basically they were playing the “You must stop being intolerant of our intolerance” card.

To be clear, most people do completely agree with Don, it is just the bigots who don’t. To attack Don is to more or less openly self-certify that you are utterly bereft of basic human decency, compassion, and empathy. To put that another way, they have issued judgement and so they are now judged.

Should we really be surprised by such people?

When you blend autocratic right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism, then the resulting brew of unthinking obedience to literalism is utterly toxic.

So what other crazy things have bubbled to the surface during this past week?

You will find below a few of the more extreme examples that have popped up during the past week.

I’ve highlighted these so that we can laugh about it all. I find that to be the best response to the batshit insane babbling that flows from this cult of fools.

Equality Act

The folks who are on the wrong side of history and are pushing against civil rights.

  • James Dobson warns that if the For the People Act of 2021 (H.R. 1) and the Equality Act (H.R. 5) become law, “America’s shining light to the world will go out.”
    • This tells us a great deal about James Dobson and nothing at all about anything else.
  • Jim Garlow claims that passage of the Equality Act “will effectively make being a bona fide Christian illegal.”
    • Translation: Using religion to justify being a bigot who discriminates will no longer be an option


Demons and Hell

References to Hell and Demons = “I don’t have a credible fact based argument, so I’ll use religious imagery to push emotional buttons

Kat Kerr and St Patrick’s Day

Just to ensure that Kat maintains her crown as the official national nutter, we got this for March 17, St Patrick’s day …

  • “Prophetess” Kat Kerr: St. Patrick’s Mansion in Heaven is Surrounded by Singing Shamrocks
    • She also added that the shamrocks are five feet tall.


Yes, Ket is eccentric, but she really does not have a monopoly on that.

  • DeAnna Lorraine complains that the current season of “The Bachelor” shows that Black Lives Matters wants to “humiliate the white person, they want to publicly lynch the white person, and attack them, and dominate over them.”
    • Somebody needs to advise her that watching the show is not mandatory.
  • Sheila Zilinsky declares that the Kardashians are “plain evil Kabbalah wizards” who are “killing Western culture.”
    • Not just ordinary wizards, but “Kabbalah wizards”!! … Killing the entirety of “western culture”!! .. this is just an old medieval anti-Semitic trop bring recycled. Rather ironically the Kardashians are not even culturally Jewish.
  • Charlie Kirk Was Fired from the Liberty University “Think Tank” Named After Him
    • The so-called “think tank,” which never did any thinking, has finally tanked.

Fools of the week – The False Profit$

  • Mario Murillo stands by his assertion that President Joe Biden’s speech on the state of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic sounded “as if the father of lies had written the speech”: “I had written what God wanted me to write. If it seems rude and unloving to you, I am truly sorry, but I cannot take it back—not a single syllable.”
    • Mario has turned being a completely obnoxious dick into a competitive sport
  • Rick Joyner Tells Christians to Arm Themselves in Preparation for Civil War
    • It’s the age-old ploy … whip up a bit of fear to get the donations rolling in.
  • Contrary to Rick Joyner’s prophetic declaration that civil war is inevitable in the United States, “prophet” Jeff Jansen declares that civil war will not come to this country.
    • Pop them both in a ring somewhere and let them work it out
  • Robin Bullock claims that God spoke to him Monday morning to warn that President Joe Biden “has become dangerous to America.”
    • A guy citing a voice in his head in the middle of the night is not a credible source for anything

Finally …

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