The Cult of Fools (Dec 11, 2022) – “Christian Pastor defeats Christian Nationalism”

cult of fools
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If you were watching the GA race then you might never before have seen so many Atheists rooting for a Christian Pastor to win.

Raphael Warnock, the Democrat candidate in the GA runoff, is senior pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church. That is the church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was co-pastor from 1960 until his assassination in 1968. Raphael Warnock follows in that inspirational tradition and is very much a civil rights advocate.

Meanwhile his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker, the supposedly “true Christian” candidate was endorsed by Trump. True to the Trump tradition, he was revealed to have had lots of different kids via different women and also multiple abortions, then lied about it all when faced with the facts. He also very weirdly claimed to have had some involvement with law enforcement and produced a fake police badge as “evidence”.

So what can one say except to observe the following – many Christian Nationalists are now feeling rather pissed that the Pastor of Martin Luther King’s church got elected. With a hat tip to Julie Lynn for this last quip: at least Herschel has his law enforcement career to fall back on.

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s dive in.


Something Historical Happened on Dec 7th – Some struggle to know what it was

You would think that a guy who is ranked Commander in the US Navy Reserve would know … but apparently not. Given that it is him, then is anybody actually surprised?

So what did happen that day?

Apparently it was Pear Harbor day. Is that something to do with fruit perhaps?

Is Pear Harbor near the Peaches of Normandy or the Bay of Figs?

I guess you could consider this to be a piece of low hanging MAGA fruit.

Can we perhaps appeal to the guy who thinks it might have been “peal” “harbor” …

Most of these people should have staffers who could check draft tweets, so what’s up?

There were also many other Republicans screwing this up. You have to wonder if this is a deliberate attempt to attract attention on Twitter and thus get ranked for being “popular”. The solution is as above – don’t directly quote or comment on their tweets. Instead, screen capture, then quote that so they don’t get ranked by any algorithms.

Christian Nationalism

It is easy to see how Nick Fuentes is influencing Kanye West, now known as Ye, with Ye repeating Fuentes’ position that non-Christians “should not be in control or [have] any influence to anything that America produces.”

  • Government by religious lunatics always works OK. For examples see Saudi Arabia or Iran because in both those cases it has worked out so wonderfully well.
  • Of note is the key observation that the religious have total and complete consensus on everything and never disagree about anything ever, so what could possibly go wrong? European history illustrates this ever so well.
  • Anybody giving an interview in which he declares love for Hitler while wearing a mask is sure to find that this will be a vote winner … amongst the Nazi demographic.


Kari Lake refuses to accept that she lost the race for governor in Arizona because she knows that God put her here for just this fight: “God put us here, in overtime, for this battle, for this moment.

  • Well hey, God, or to be a tad more precise, the voices in her head, got it wrong, she lost.

Trump Cult members

Jackson Lahmeyer, the QAnon pastor, has launched “Pastors For Trump” in an effort to “continue to build the relationship between Christian leaders and President Trump during his bid for the Presidency.”

  • Trump is literally the opposite of everything Christ stood for .. yet these guys flock to him as if he was the messiah and desperately want to see his second coming.
  • To be honest this is actually quite useful. It creates a handy list of pastors to avoid for all those looking for a church.
  • Mr Lahmeyer has also  added Pastor Mark Burns to his “Pastors For Trump” organization. Pastor Mark is the guy who was challenged on camera by CNN for making up his biographical details and then stormed off in a huff when his lies were exposed.

Bold Lies

Pastor Kent Christmas blames the Democratic “morons” in power for COVID-19, small businesses folding, people getting money from the government and the like, insisting that, “None of that happened when Trump was president!

  • He thinks his audience is suffering from alzheimer’s … all of that happened when Trump was president.
  • FACT CHECK: The Predict Project was a program designed and initiated by an international team of experts during Bush Jr’s era and was strengthened by President Obama. Its mission was to identify lethal viruses abroad and stop the spread outside those countries. Despite experts begging him not to, Trump cancelled it three months prior to the outbreak starting in China. Trump then utterly botched the US response and so over one million US citizens died.

New Twitter Accounts

Laura Loomer, whose main purpose in life appeared to be getting her Twitter account restored, has finally achieved her goal.

The New Twitter

Then there was also this …

The Latest “Twitter Files” Revelation

I’ll sum it up for you.

Twitter had a no harassment or hate speech policy. Nearly all the people punished were conservatives.

No it was not some grand conspiracy against the right. Simply join up those two dots to get the right answer.

Meanwhile, the “independent” journalist doing this latest “revelation” appears to be deeply embedded into the New Twitter ecosystem …

Nazis & Hitler

Andrew Anglin, who often appears on livestreams hosted by far-right America First activists, objects to being called a Neo-Nazi but admits that if you call him a “rape promoter,” he can’t really complain: “You do have me there.

  • He literally runs a Nazi website called the Daily Stormer, which he launched after launching another site called “Total Fascism”, and he has a history of exalting Hitler … but does not like to be called a Nazi
  • He is so right-wing that he makes other right-wing folks look very left-wing.
  • Elon has of course let him back on Twitter.

Nick Fuentes complains about the coverage of Kanye West’s appearance on Alex Jones: “The media, of course, is only focusing on the part where he said he loved Hitler. So what’s that all about? He said other things too.

  • Nick appears to fail to grasp that expressing love for Hitler is a bit of a deal breaker when it comes to focusing on anything else you might have to say.
  • How about … “Ted Bundy was a great guy! Murdering women aside, he was quite charming. Not to mention good looking!!! He was brilliant and had so much potential. But, once again, the mainstream media only focuses on the “serial killer” part.
  • To put it another way … “So yeah, the plane crashed, but why is no one in the media talking about how good the in-flight meal was?
  • Nick’s stance is almost literally a replay of this … “But other than that, did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

Vincent James comes to the defense of Adolf Hitler: “What’s worse? One person slaughtering millions of people or a group of people slaughtering Jesus Christ?

  • When it comes to considering “What would Jesus do?” I have a small suspicion that slaughtering millions of people did not make it into any version of his sermon on the mount.

The False Profit$

Pastor Shane Vaughn wants to see Electoral College-like election systems implemented in individual states because Republican candidates keep losing the popular vote.

  • Perhaps he should put that to a vote.

Right-wing pastor and fake prophet Mario Murillo seems to be calling out Kat Kerr for being a false prophet.

  • Its fun watching the grifters rip each other apart. He is right to criticise Kat’s utterly bizarre claims, but he needs to seriously widen the scope beyond just her.
  • His “standard” is this … “anyone that said that something will turn out a certain way and it didn’t, should be labelled a false prophet” … er yes, it would indeed be fascinating for him to apply his own standard to himself and also every other self-appointed “prophet”.

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