The Cult of Fools (Aug 13, 2023) – “Ohio says ‘Nope’ to Issue 1”

cult of fools
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Last Tuesday there was an attempt in Ohio to raise the bar for constitutional amendments from 50% to 60%. This Republican measure was called Issue 1. It was a special election with just this one and only item up for a vote. Roughly about three million cast ballots and 57% of them rejected it. That turnout was nearly twice the 2022 midterm voter turnout.

Why did this dull sounding Republican inspired procedural vote become such a hot button item?

To quote Biden, it was a … “blatant attempt to weaken voters’ voices and further erode the freedom of women to make their own health care decisions

What is going on is that there is a vote on a constitutional amendment coming up next Nov in Ohio that would support the right to abortions. Polls show that 58% of voters support that amendment, so this attempt to raise the bar to 60% was a very blatant attempt to enable a minority to prevent the will of the majority.

After Roe v Wade was obliterated by the unelected religious extremists on the corrupted SCOTUS there have been six states that have initiated abortion rights votes. In every single instance, so far, abortion rights have won – Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, California, Montana, and of course Vermont. With polls suggesting that Ohio was on track to be the seventh, Republicans attempted to squash the will of the majority with last tuesday’s special election – Issue 1.

The majority said “nope, not having it” and so democracy wins – yea.

Yesterday was a great day for democracy, Ohioans rejected an outrageous attempt by extremists to silence our voices. Today we begin the battle to protect our constitutional rights and reject government interference in November.

Dr Lauren Beene, founder of Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights.

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Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary.

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky pool of absurdity and stupidity.

Meanwhile in Ohio

Religious-right activist Janet Porter says that if Ohio voters pass the pro-choice amendment that will be on the ballot in November, then anti-choice activists will simply have to introduce an amendment to repeal that amendment: “We’re not giving up. We’re not going to quit.

  • Indeed yes, keep voting so that she can keep losing and gets the message that the majority don’t like the lose of their right to freedom. It will also do wonders for the 2024 turnout.
  • If you are wondering who she is, she is a lady who ticks all the boxes … fanatically religious, and very homophobic. She was also Roy Moore’s official spokesperson during his 2017 campaign, and famously evaded questions about Roy Moore fondling teen girls.

Here is a bit more insight into the guy behind Issue 1 …

Christian Nationalism

GOP Rep. Michael Cloud tells a gathering of Christian nationalists that they have been called by God to establish Christ’s kingdom and government here on Earth

  • As I often point out, the biggest critic of guys making this claim comes from 2,000 years ago … “My Kingdom is not of this world“.

Jenna Ellis insists that “civil government has to reflect the nature and character of God.

  • Was that what was going through her head when she help to incite the insurrection on Jan 6?
  • I have honestly no idea how that could ever work because not only does God not actually exist, but those that think this god is real, can’t agree on what the nature and character of this supposed god actually is.
  • She lied in public, was censured for that lying, then lied again, is that part of (checks notes) “the nature and character of God.

Michael Flynn is into channeling pseudo-historian David Barton’s lies: The United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence are based primarily on the Bible.

Other Christian Nationalist News this past week includes …


Jason Rapert warns that Democrats are waging a revolution by “overthrowing the rule of law in our nation, targeting opposition with endless attacks, lawsuits, false accusations, and even indictments to imprison them”: “They are going to cause another Civil War in our nation by doing all this.

Stolen Elections

Lance Wallnau claims that Democrats will target 17 specific counties in order to “steal” the 2024 election and therefore Mike Lindell intends to use AI technology to immediately expose “fraudulent votes” in those areas. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with this brilliant plan?

  • If Mike Lindell is doing it then it will not be AI (Artificial Intelligence), but instead AS (Artificial Stupidity).
  • Meanwhile over in same deep dark basement an artificial voice booms out to a fuming Mike Lindell … “I’m sorry Mike, I’m afraid I can’t do that

The Cult of Trump

In Trump Cult news this past week …

  • Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: Conspiracy Theorist Laura Loomer Prophesizes That She Will Be Trump’s Second Term Press Secretary: ‘I Will Protect Him.’

But I want to play the role of being persecuted and suffer

Right-wing pastor Lucas Miles seems to be genuinely convinced that “wokeism robs us of our ability to suffer for Christ” is a reasonable and convincing argument: “Wokeism really robs the believer of that and ultimately robs God of that.

  • Translation: People pointing out that they are not victims robs such believers of their ability to suffer as victims.
  • Meanwhile, if you are wondering what “woke” means, then simply check out the Beatitudes. You will find them to be the most woke set of words ever said. Check out this next item to see how Right-Wing Christians are now rejecting what Jesus said as too woke.

Apparently the teachings of Jesus are way too woke for evangelicals …

Homophobia on Steroids

In the news this past week …

Evil Education

Weird Conspiracies

Stew Peters claims that “Dinosaurs are FAKE.

  • Given the observation that he voted one into the White House in 2016, I have honestly no idea why he now believes this.

He is on a roll this past week, because Stew Peters also claimed that the wildfires in Hawaii were caused by “direct energy weapons.

  • so yes, Stew is indeed truly nuttier than a trail mix.

Lauren Witzke claims that celebrities and politicians got “special batches” of the COVID-19 vaccine to make sure “they didn’t fall over dead” and that the whole thing was a “test run” for the Mark of the Beast.


Pastor Mark Burns promises that if former President Donald Trump is reelected, he’ll create “one thousand black millionaires.

  • Trump will indeed, but it will be via his legal team earning fees off him … who wants to tell them that they will not be getting paid.
  • Reminder: Mark Burns has made a career out of being a liar, I guess you know who has been his inspiration for that career move.

Dutch Sheets, a leader within the New Apostolic Reformation, declares that “no honest person can study the history of America and not believe that God was in the raising up of America for the purpose of the Gospel being sent around the world.

  • With all that slavery and racism, this God that supposedly “raised up America” did a rather crap job.
  • So yes, manifest destiny appears to be making a bit of a comeback in his church.
  • Meanwhile there is that rather inconvenient little detail called the Establishment Clause

Texas judge: Southwest Airline must get religious freedom training from Christian hate group

  • If you read the story you will fast come to the conclusion that it is the Judge who needs to attend classes on religious freedom.
  • Some can argue this a First Amendment issue, but honestly it is more akin to being an Eighth Amendment (cruel and unusual) issue.

Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke says there are anonymous witches live-streaming on Facebook who just “sit in front of a cauldron and cast spells” on him.

  • Damn, he is on to us, we have been busted. Clearly we have not been using enough eye of newt in the cauldron.

Lauren Witzke, yes another item from her this past week, declares that as a woman, she would “rather repeal the 19th Amendment (Votes for Women) than lose my constitutional rights because female voters are overwhelmingly voting my country away.”

  • Wanting to “protect” her constitutional rights by literally removing her constitutional rights means that she is not exactly the smartest clown in the circus.
  • To be honest, I’m actually OK if she simply decides that she, and those that listen to her, will not vote.

Surrounded by expensive lights, a drum set, and giant TVs, a megachurch ”pastor” proceeded to shame his audience – Stop treating church “like it’s a religious show.”

  • So yes, my irony meter just exploded.

Other Weird news this past week …

  • Fred Grimm @ The Orlando Sentinel: PragerU videos teach Florida students that slavery wasn’t so bad.
  • Angry White Men: On His Rumble Show, Elijah Schaffer Hosts Australian Neo-Nazi Who Pushes ‘White Genocide’ Conspiracy.
  • Joe Jervis: PragerU Videos Compare Climate Activists To Nazis.
  • Michael Daly @ The Daily Beast: Oklahoma Schools Boss Reaches Screwball Territory With China Conspiracy Theory.
  • Alex Griffing @ Mediaite: Christianity Today Editor Russell Moore Warns Evangelicals in Crisis As MAGA Derides Teachings of Christ as ‘Liberal Talking Points.’

The False Profit$

‘The Last Election We Would Ever Have’: Jim Garlow (Again) Prophesies Doom if Voters Don’t Elect Candidates Dedicated to ‘Biblical Governance’

  • Back in 2012 he played this card and warned that if then-President Barack Obama was reelected, the United States would be “unsalvageable.”. He also did the same for both the 2016, and also the 2020 elections.
  • Now, here we are with 2024 looming and once again he deploys the only card he has – he is literally a one trick pony that never gets it right.

Self-described Christian “prophet” Hank Kunneman says it’s “very dangerous” when other people call themselves prophets. But it’s okay when he does it because Jesus said so. Also, anyone who’s ever called him a “false prophet” is dead now. So there.

  • Rather a lot of people, including me, have been calling him a false prophet for many years now … and we are all doing just fine. Meanwhile, the folks who listened to him and so refused the COVID vaccine because of his “prophecies” regarding it … not so much.
  • He can’t admit to being a fake prophet because he knows what the bible says should be done with fake prophets.

Self-appointed “prophet” Johnny Enlow warns Christians that they had better get on “the Trump Train” because throughout the Bible, people frequently lost their lives “by not recognizing who God is working through.

  • Indeed yes Evangelicals, please do continue to jump on board the pussy-grabber’s train, because it brilliantly reveals that you are willing to sacrifice everything, including all the values that Jesus taught, as you lust after political power to such a degree that you are willing to elect a corrupt criminal and rapist who mocks both you and also all the values you claim to embrace. It reveals to us all who you really are.

In other “Prophet” News this past week …

GOP Corruption

Heroes: Some are willing to Push back against the corruption

One More Good News Item

Far-right anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Sherri Tenpenny has had her medical license suspended by the State Medical Board of Ohio.

  • She claimed that the vaccine would make you magnetic and also interface to 5G cell towers. Honestly I’m pissed. After several boosters I’ve had to withdraw my Avengers application form due to my magnetic superpower being a no-show, and my 5G coverage is still crap.
  • She also claimed that the vaccine would turn people into “transhumanist cyborgs” and that by the end of 2022 every vaccinated person would have AIDS
  • The reason she had her license yanked is not because of all her crazy claims, but because when investigators attempted to look into it all after receiving 350 complaints, she refused to go along with any of the investigation process.
  • Quote via “ here …

“Dr. Tenpenny, neither you nor any doctor licensed by this board is above the law, and you must comply with the investigation,” said Dr. Jonathan Feibel, an orthopedic surgeon and medical board member. “You have not done so, and therefore, until you do, your license will be suspended.”

Dr. Amol Soin, a pain management specialist and board member, said at the hearing that the suspension has nothing to do with vaccines, magnets, or cell towers, but about the board’s basic duty to oversee conduct of physicians and physicians’ responsibility to comply.

“The license to practice medicine is not a right. It’s a privilege. A privilege that is earned, and a privilege that you have to uphold,” he said. “And as you get that license, and as you obtain that privilege, you consent to certain reasonable things. And a reasonable thing you consent to… is to cooperate when someone complains about you. In this case, 350 complaints. It is a very reasonable thing to cooperate in that scenario.”

Meanwhile …

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