The Cult of Fools – 17 Jan 2021

idiot in chief is impeached again.
Impeached … again.

This week’s big event was the impeachment of the idiot-in-chief. If you take exception to that term “idiot”, then your argument is not with me, it is with google. If you search google images for “Idiot”, his picture comes up.

Meanwhile over on Wikipedia they now need a disambiguation listing for his multiple impeachments …

There has indeed been no other president like him, and I don’t mean that in a good way. When it comes to the worst US president ever, he simply has no real competition. History will not be kind to him. James Buchanan will also be disappointed to loose his No.1 spot in the list of worst ever.

Other really good news is that the National Rifle Association has filed for bankruptcy.

What else has bubbled to the surface during this past rather eventful week?

Here are a few samples …

Election Deniers

  • Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert likens herself to the Founding Fathers for having the courage to object to the results when Congress certified the presidential election last week.
    • If you are looking for historical characters that match her actions then the best fit here is with Benedict Arnold. She is quite literally objecting to the democratic process itself.
  • “Prophet” Robin Bullock insists that Joe Biden “is not the president, he will never be the president” because Trump, in fact, won the election: “You are looking at something God did not ordain.”
    • It is indeed true that a god did not pick Biden to be President, the voters did. God is not a US citizen and so does not get a vote.
  • Tony Perkins thinks that impeachment is “a double-edged sword for Democrats” because if there is a Senate trial, Trump will be able to introduce some heretofore unseen evidence of voter fraud in his defense.
    • After 60 failed court cases, I’d not bother holding your breath waiting for that to happen.

Bizarre views of the Capitol invasion

  • Alex McFarland thinks that Democrats are to blame for the Capitol insurrection: “The blame for where we are lies at the feet of the liberal Democrats who for years have built their platform on class envy [and] power at any cost, even if it means selling out America, [ignoring] our moral compass, [and] subverting the Constitution.
    • They never can accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • John Guandolo Says Members of Congress Should Be ‘Swinging From a Rope’
    • John Guandolo is a disgraced former FBI agent. I think you can begin to understand why.
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert Says MAGA Insurrection Shows Why She Should Be Able to Carry a Gun in Congress
    • I’m not convinced that we can trust this QAnon supporting rep with even a bow and arrow.
  • Day Gardner proclaims that President Donald Trump did not incite the insurrection at the Capitol, “the Media, now owned by the left, VP-Elect Kamala Harris, Senators Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and many others did. They are the real culprits. They ALONE incited all that happened on January 6, 2021.
  • Kevin Connelly suggests that the MAGA insurrection at the Capitol was due to the fact that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver ended a prayer by saying “Amen and A-woman” a few days earlier: “Just three days after the blasphemous prayer, protestors broke into the Capitol building. They took over the building, even standing at the head of the Senate. Could these events be connected?”
    • Easy question, no not connected. Cause and effect does not involve magic incantations.

Truly Bizarre Claims

  • Greg Locke Alleges Mitch McConnell Was Controlled by Illuminati Hand Signals During Election Certification
    • I think most of us have a well-know hand signal to flash at Greg. It is one that involves a single finger.
  • Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem likens social media deplatforming to Nazi Germany, Pol Pot, and Mao’s cultural revolution, adding that “the next step is eliminating people.”
    • You expect insane rhetoric like this from some conspiracy nuts, but this is an elected official promoting this.
  • Andy Schlafly declares that instead of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, “House Republicans should be using the 12th Amendment to give him four more years.”
    • Andy quite genuinely does not actually understand the 12th amendment. That adjusted how the electoral collage picked the President and VP. It was done to prevent a President finding that his VP was his opponent.

Religious Fanatics

  • Jeremiah Johnson reports that he is getting death threats from Christians after apologizing for wrongly prophesying that Trump would be reelected.
    • Christianity without all that rather inconvenient peace and goodwill
  • Hank Kunneman proclaims that Jesus is coming “like Rambo” to expose the voter fraud and to “deal with the thieves, the liars, the crooks, and those that have committed treason.
    • If this was actually true then Hank himself would be in deep trouble.
  • For a donation of $1,000, Jim Bakker will put a plaque with your name on it in the new “Hall of the Prophets” he is building, plus he’ll send you two mugs and two blankets.
    • Mugs for mugs.

The Cult of Trump

  • Kat Kerr continues to insist that Trump will remain president, declaring that “if he dies, I guess I’ll have to go resurrect him.
    • It will be fascinating to see what her stance is on Jan 20
  • Mychal Massie declares that “President Trump will always be my president. I will never again support any insider the Republican Party promotes. I take what they have done to my president as a personal insult. They relieved their bowels on me and on all those who believed it right to support a man who held fast to what we believed.
    • The only belief he held fast to was a belief in himself.
  • Laurie Roth is keeping the faith: “Trust our Lord and President Trump. He has always had our best interests in mind and is doing what he must do to clean out the evil, pedophile – sex trafficking rings, reaching up to the highest levels, Deep state Communists and America haters who intended and planned for many years to seize our freedom, Constitution and Judeo-Christian heritage.
    • This moment is not really a test of her faith, it is a test too determine the degree of her stupidity and gullibility.
  • Josh Bernstein is outraged at how Democrats and the media have treated Trump: “They have done nothing but attack this wonderful, caring, and beautiful soul.”
    • Terms such as “wonderful, caring, and beautiful” and not the words utilised by those closest to him within his inner circle.
  • Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn insists that Trump has “never been impeached and he never will be impeached.”
    • Reality is an undiscovered country for this guy

Meanwhile, some still cling to their delusions

Nutter of the week – Johnny Enlow

While there is a great deal to select from, this specific instance stands out because it is so bizarre …

Johnny Enlow Says the College Football National Championship Game Is Prophetic Confirmation Trump Will Remain President

Despite the fact that Trump’s term is set to end in less than a week, Enlow claims to have found a message from God hidden in the final score of Monday’s national championship game between Alabama and Ohio State, which Alabama won by a score of 52-24.

How exactly?

This is truly crazy …

It was when he saw it displayed on ESPN as “Ohio State 24 – 52 Alabama.”

To Enlow, the number 45 surrounded by two 2s was a clear sign from God that Trump is going to serve a second term.

“It’s a 45 with a 2 on either side,” Enlow declared. “Forty-five was not put in there for one term, he was put in there for two terms. It’s a confirmation on either side. There is a two on either side. … The 45 was there right in the middle, so that was another confirmation of the Lord saying, ‘I’m putting Trump in a second term, and it’s not later, it’s back-to-back, it’s right now.’”

Did the talk show host explain “That’s insane”?

Nope, sadly some lap up this as “truth”.

You could of course point out that perhaps his God was trying to tell him 2 impeachments, but you know that’s not going to fly. These folks are so desperate that they have now come to the point of reading significance into completely random numbers.

Impeachment Tweets

Meanwhile …

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