Sinead O’Connor was right

There was an interview with Sinead O’Connor a couple of days ago in the Guardian, its an interesting read. Apparently back some time ago she made a rather public and very startling declaration …

In 1992 she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on the American TV show Saturday Night live. She said it was a protest at child sex abuse in the Catholic church, and many people thought she was loopy. What abuse? Two weeks later she was booed off the stage at a Bob Dylan tribute concert, her records were publicly smashed, and that was pretty much that as a pop star

So here we all are now 18 years later … and it turns out that she was 100% right. Mind you, she was nuts then and she is still nuts now. For a hobby she collects statues of the Virgin Mary, and she also has become an ordained priest at Lourdes. No, not the mainstream Catholics, she is the wrong gender for that, instead its within the breakaway Latin Tridentine Church . As for Catholics, well her views are expressed using a few well known angle-Saxon four letter words …

If curious, then you can read the full interview with Sinead by clicking here … reading it will give you an idea of just how crazy she still is … but so what, I salute her for her courage to publicly speak out when nobody else would.

She is more or less locked out now. Apparently some Scottish cardinal proclaimed (click here) yesterday that they will never allow woman priests. I think I’m with him on that, in the sense that he is 50% of the way towards banning this immoral cult. Now we just need him to take the extra step, go for the other 50%, stop them ordaining men as well, and voila, its a done deal, no more catholic abuse.

Meanwhile, in related news, the pope will soon be arriving in the UK, so whats happening? Well, the same Guardian article above (no not the Sinead one, the second Scottish Cardinal one) also tells us …

former Democratic Unionist leader Ian Paisley, now Lord Bannside, would be bringing 60 members of his small, hardline Protestant church, the Free Presbyterian church, to Edinburgh on Thursday to stage a protest against the papal visit.

I have got to find out what cool-aid that guy drinks, Paisley was born in 1926 and is still out in the streets organizing protests!!!

It is expected Paisley’s protests will take place away from the route of the popemobile’s short procession through central Edinburgh, although up to 75 secularist activists from the Protest the Pope campaign group run by the Humanist Society of Scotland will stage a peaceful protest on the last leg of the pope’s formal tour through the city. They society said only 20% of Scots were interested in the papal visit, while 40% of Scots were “good without god” and atheist.

Paisley, the former first minister of Northern Ireland, said his group would congregate at a church in Edinburgh where the Presbyterian Church of Scotland was formed and John Knox, the leader of the Scottish Protestant reformation, had preached.

He said he would protest about the sexual abuse of children by priests, an issue he claimed the pope had consistently failed to tackle. “We’re making a legitimate protest about something that is entirely wrong and I am looking at myself as a person who is prepared to champion those who have been very, very badly treated by these priests of Rome,” he said.

Obviously I support the protesters, so its quite a shock to find that I’m supporting Paisley. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not taking a pro-Paisley, anti-Catholic stance. I’m quite happy for folks to believe in whatever they want. Fairies, no problem. Little green men, sure not an issue. I remain skeptical of course, will challenge all such nonsense, and demand evidence. However, individual believers aside, Catholic clerics today require a more robust response; when those trusted with young children consider it to be a good idea to abuse and bugger them, when other clerics around turn a blind eye to it all and pretend its not happening, and then when those in charge protect the abusers and cover it all up, then its truly time to call a spade and spade and declare it for what it is … a viciously dangerous and extremely evil cult.

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