Obama as the Antichrist!!!

I just came across an old article in the May edition of Scientific American by Steve Mirsky. Apparently Harris Interactive conducted an on-line survey in March regarding what folks in the US thought of President Obama, and (as you might expect) the results proved to be rather startling … for example, Steve reports …

40 percent of those polled believe Obama is a socialist. (He’s not—ask any socialist.) Thirty-two percent believe he is a Muslim. (I had predicted that a Mormon, Jew, Wiccan, atheist and Quetzalcoatl worshipper would become president before America elected a Muslim, so a third of this country actually may be quite open-minded, in an obtuse way.)

However, the truly jaw-dropping statistic is that apparently …

… 14 percent believe that Obama may be the Antichrist. Of those who identified themselves as Republicans, 24 percent think Obama might be.

(thud) … yep, I ment it, that was the sound of my jaw bouncing off the floor … Steve was just as astonished, so suggested the following additional questions, for this bunch of kooks …

To measure the consistency of the responses of those who think Obama might be the Antichrist, we have prepared an extension of the poll.

Please answer the following questions “yes” or “no”:

* Do you consider your belief that Obama only might be the Antichrist to be a sign
of your open-mindedness and scientific outlook?
* Have you ever called a local TV news office because you saw an image of a major religious figure in (a) a piece of toast, (b) tree bark or (c) a Sheetrock water stain?
* Were you surprised that the president might be the Antichrist because, according to the movie The Omen III, the U.S. ambassador to England should be the Antichrist?
* Do you think Earth is only 6,000 years old?
* Have you had the fillings of your teeth removed to rid your person of the tracking devices placed by the government?

This poll also found that 22 percent of Republicans think that Obama “wants the terrorists to win.” Now, I can only assume that most of those 22 percent who think that Obama “wants the terrorists to win” are among the 24 percent who think that Obama may be the Antichrist …. so …. we have a small percentage of Republicans who think that Obama may be the Antichrist, but also think that Obama wants the terrorists to lose.


Steve felt that these folks also needed even more questions so that we might better understand them as well …

* The Antichrist wants us to beat the terrorists so he can take credit for it, thereby making it easier for him to accomplish his ultimate nefarious goal.
* The Antichrist considers himself to be in competition with the terrorists because they do not recognize his authority on matters of all things evil.
* The Antichrist would root against terrorists because it is just like him to be tricky like that.

You can read it all by clicking here. If you check out the comments, you will begin to appreciate that a good percentage of Scientific American readers have zero sense of humor and also fail to grasp basic concepts such as Satire.

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