Nate Phelps – “Leaving Hate Behind” at #QEDcon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was truly privileged and honoured to listen to Nate Phelps talk about growing up in Westboro Baptist church and also talk about his eventual escape from it when I attended #QEDcon in Manchester on 13th April.

Given his background and indoctrination in a cult labelled the most hated family in America, he is truly a testimony to our ability to rise above our circumstances and truly better ourselves.

Wish you could have been there?

Well, Giles Wendes, recorded it and has now put that recording up on YouTube. (Hat tip to Giles for doing that).

(Side Note: The sound is not perfect, but is still OK)

(Side Note 2: Giles has put a lot of work into this, he has added captions, so you can turn the sound off and simply read)

Least you wonder … yes Giles Missed a bit at about the 29:29 mark because he needed to swap his SD card. However, here is a quick transcript Giles did for that missing bit.

In the end he got a well deserved standing ovation, but perhaps the ultimate accolade comes from Sally-Ann (age 13) sitting near the front … she was deeply impressed.


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