Michele Bachmann Expecting Divine Intervention to Win!!

An ABC report here explains …

Michele Bachmann told ABC News she expects to defy her dismal poll numbers with a “miraculous” result in the Iowa caucuses.

“We’re going to see an astounding result on Tuesday night — miraculous,” Bachmann told ABC News in an interview at her Iowa campaign headquarters surrounded by young supporters from her alma mater Oral Roberts University.

“We’re believing in a miracle because we know, I know, the one who gives miracles,” Bachmann said.

I can see two options here:

  1. Belief in an imaginary friend will lead to imaginary votes … or …
  2. Michele’s belief in a theocratic dictatorship (we must obey her god apparently) implies that getting god to rig the ballot is OK

Then again, back in reality I suspect enough folks have enough sense to realize that electing a complete nut would be a really bad idea. Regardless of the actual outcome, we can be assured that she will declare victory and continue, she is also quoted as saying “You bet we’re going forward. We just filed all of our signatures to be on the ballot in Ohio. We just stroked out a 10,000 dollar check yesterday to be on the ballot in Kansas City. We are moving forward.”.

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