Judgement Day

I spotted a brief little letter in the York Daily that is so in denial of reality that it rather amused me …

For some time now I have been reading people’s letters to the editor about religion and Christianity. There is only one way to solve their problems regarding their differences about the Bible.

First, let me say that if you are a Christian, there should not be any disputing as to God’s word, period. [And who gets to decide what all those vague poetical phrases actually mean?] That is where our faith comes into play [“faith”: believing stuff that has no evidence at all], believing in what is written, not trying to prove someone wrong or to argue about it.[Nobody is “trying” to prove it wrong, those making the claims have yet to verify anything at all]

As for the atheist, there is not any convincing to be done.[A bit of actual credible evidence would do the trick]  When you stand before our God on judgment day, you will have your answer and all of your doubts will be eliminated.[Ever so slight flaw here … evidence for any god = zero … evidence for an afterlife = zero … and evidence for a judgement day = (I’m sure you can guess)]

What can one say except that the denial of reality is strong in this one. Asserting stuff with a high degree of certainty does not make anything true, for that you need evidence.

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