Jesus is speaking in tongues for Mo

It’s been a busy day and the weekend is here, so here is Jesus with a special message for you …



Yes this kind of stuff really does happen and I should know. As a teen I joined a sect that practised specking in tongues and happily joined in myself. Years later when telling the story of it all to Richard Dawkins he asked, “What on earth was going on inside your head?”

Good question.

When you are a teen on your own, the pressure to join in, conform, belong and be accepted is huge, and overrides any and every other concern to such a degree that you not only fool all those around you that you are actually speaking in tongues, you also end up fooling yourself as well.

It really is not real at all, if curious, I was writing about why that is about four years ago.

2 thoughts on “Jesus is speaking in tongues for Mo”

  1. Hi! I love the cartoon! Very funny!
    And, it is “spot on!” This is exactly what I was told just last night, by someone who has bought into this deception of present-day speaking in tongues and praying in tongues.


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