Holly’s attempt to piss off liberals … backfired a bit

Meet Mrs Holly Fisher, a lady who makes her political position rather clear – she is anti abortion, and would like to see Obama impeached.

She decided to see if she could tick off a few liberals with this tweet …


… and yes those re-tweet and fav counts are real.

The expectation was that (to use her words) “liberal heads would explode”, but things however did not quite go as planned. Instead somebody held up a mirror by tweeting this back to her …


Now this is where you can play … “Spot the difference” … and so far I’ve been having a bit of trouble doing that.

OK, to be strictly fair, the one on the left is not actually a violent thug, but rather is making a political statement regarding the recent rather insane court decision, while the one on the right is Samantha Lewthwaitealso known as “The White Widow.”, the wife of the chap who blew himself up on the Tube in London on July 7, 2005, killing 26 people. After his death, she picked up where he left off, and has ended up as one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

So there you go then, one has rather strong religious and political beliefs … and the other … oh wait, she also has rather strong religious and political beliefs.

Let me try again. Only one would ever pick up a gun and … oh heck, they both have. OK, so one was being rather naive and silly and the other … oh wait they both were.

Ah … I’ve got it … the flags are a different colour and they are both holding distinctly different books of fairy tales.

No, that’s not it either.

OK, enough of the jokes,  let’s be factual – one is the picture of a deeply patriotic and faithful woman, whom many with similar conservative political leanings, will view as good, upright, and truly moral. In one hand she holds the symbol of her faith in god, the same faith that is foundational to the existence of her country, and to the very idea of morality; in the other hand holds a symbol of freedom and power – something that she deeply feels is her right! Behind her is the banner of not just her nation or people, but her very identity.

The other is a picture of some silly American girl.

Regardless of what you might think, it was a rather stupid picture for Ms Fisher to tweet, and the flack she how gets as a result is perhaps well-deserved, so yes indeed, the idea that liberal heads exploding turns out to be quite a few conservative heads exploding instead.

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