God Officially Distances Self From Christian Right

It is an Onion spoof of course… but funny because so much of the rhetoric that the Christian right spout is very much at odds with the philosophy they claim to embrace … love your neighbour (except those that are gay, or atheist, or voted democrat, etc…), give away all your money (but only so that you can pass it on to the richest 1%). So in response to the latest daft nonsense we have …

THE HEAVENS—Responding to inflammatory remarks made by Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock during a Tuesday night debate, Our Lord God The Almighty Father today sought to distance Himself both from Mourdock and from the entire right-wing, fundamentalist Christian movement, sources confirmed.

“I want to make one thing absolutely clear: Mr. Mourdock’s comments from last night in no way reflect my position on this or any other issue,” said the Divine Creator, speaking at a press conference this afternoon in response to Mourdock’s remarks that rape-induced pregnancies were God’s intent. “And, furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to say definitively that I, God, do not officially sanction or condone the words or actions of anyone involved in the fanatical, conservative Christian faction that Mr. Mourdock represents.

Are curious about the motivation behind this satire? Well, it goes back to Richard Mourdock, the clueless Gobshite (and yes that is an accurate description), who felt compelled to share with voters a few days ago his belief that if a woman is impregnated during rape it was God’s intent.

Some read into that the thought that he supported rape as predestined by god and made a bit of political mileage out of it, but no that is not what he was thinking, he was simply expressing his belief that there is magic involved in conception and that god (or at least his specific variation of that concept) organizes such things. Conception is of course something that is fully understood and … gasp! … no supernatural magic is involved, so the fact that we have a candidate who appears to belief in magic and that he has an imaginary friend, well that by itself is quite a scary thought, and so it does indeed deserve a bit of satire.

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