The Centre for Unintelligent Design

Last April Keith Gilmour, a School Teacher, spoke at an event organised by the Humanist Society of Scotland for the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The topic was “The Threat of Creeping Creationism in Scottish Schools.”. His approach was as follows:

  • A summary of his school’s RME/RMPS curriculum
  • Then he highlighted some of the unsolicited ID and creationist literature (books, DVDs, etc) that have been sent out to his school
  • Then later went on to explain how similar Creationists and holocaust deniers are … both object that a minority of highly educated people reject what 99% of scientists/historians accept, and both are notorious for quoting experts out of context (to give the misleading impression that their crank view has some serious support)

As you might imagine, the creationist loons were all over him after the event. Dr Alastair Noble, Director of the risible Centre for Intelligent Design, claimed that it was “silly” and “scandalous” of him to draw this comparison. And so after the encounter they engaged in a written dialog, or to be more accurate a monologue, Keith sent a letter asking questions, and Dr Nobel refused to answer.

Now comes the fun part … as a reaction to his hounding by the Centre for Intelligent Design, Keith has come up with what is perhaps the best possible response to such lunacy, parody and satire. He has created a new website … The Centre for Unintelligent Design

Click on over and enjoy.


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