Attempt to live on Just Light fails – Not really a surprise for most of us

5318423-Woman-Attempts-To-Live-On-Only-SunlightNaveena Shine, (yes that really is her name), has attempted to go for 100 days without eating to prove that humans can “live on light”.


Yes indeed, she believes that it is possible for human beings to survive without food and so conducted what she described as an experiment to prove it.

So how did it work out?

You don’t actually need to ask, just a quick glimpse of the before and after images tell you all you need to know, and so by day 41 after she had lost 30lbs she quit her fast . So what has she to say about all this, why would she believe such daft nonsense?  Details are here in the Guardian …

“It came as an idea that became so powerful, I knew I had to do it,” she said. “And this has happened a few times in my life; I suddenly got this strong desire or need to do something that nobody in my world could imagine but it came so strongly to me, it was just like: ‘This is what I need to do.’ It’s intuition.”

(This would perhaps be the right place for you to face palm)

She said she had heard of others who claim to be able to forgo conventional nutrition, including a friend who claimed to have survived without food for three years.

Her “friend” is either delusional, or a con artist.

“I know that people say it is [possible] and I don’t disbelieve them”

Really … you don’t! I think I can see your problem here … you are a gullible idiot.

In 2003 American illusionist David Blaine survived 44 days in a glass box without food

The ever so subtle clue there in that last sentence is the word “ILLUSIONIST”.

While Shine says her inspiration to eschew food does not come from a particular set of beliefs, her website praises Jasmuheen, an Australian woman who describes herself as an “ambassador of peace” and “international lecturer”, and whose teachings that it is possible to subsist on light alone have been linked to the deaths of four people.

… and the reason that last little fact there, the bit involving people dying, did not bother you is because?

Jasmuheen claims to have lived for years on light alone,

… but what then happened when she was challenged to actually prove this is as follows …

but tried and failed to go without food and water for 10 days in an experiment for Australian television program 60 Minutes in 1999. A doctor for the network noted that after 48 hours Jasmuheen displayed symptoms of dehydration, stress and high blood pressure. The network cancelled the experiment after four days when Jasmuheen’s health continued to deteriorate.

… in other words her claim was proven to be complete bullshit back in 1999, a fact that is deeply hidden and can only be discovered if you spend all of about 10 seconds (or perhaps 8 if you have a fast network) on google, just search her name and then read her Wikipedia page here.

Ms Shine’s Facebook page

Ms Shine has been documenting her fast on her Facebook page … here. Her latest update there reads …

Blog: Day 44: Sunday 16th June
I want to let you know that at mid-day on Wednesday 19th June 1913, on the 47th day of the “Living On Light” experiment, I am going to conclude the experiment and begin the process of slowly moving back into eating normal food again.

There are many, sometimes complex, reasons why I am choosing to do this. I talk about them on the current YouTube (#24). The overt reason is that on that day the phones and internet will be cut off and I have nothing to pay for the space I am in. In practical terms, I cannot continue. However, I see money as simply energy and symbolic for many other things. There is nothing like the black and white clarity of money for bringing important messages into our lives.

Actually, it is not really very complex at all, you will fracking die if you don’t quit this daft nonsense. Tempting as it might be to quote the rest of her post in full, I’ll not bother, it is the usual new-age stuff that is laced with meaningless babble, and also sadly delusional as well

… I asked the Universe what it wanted from me …  I still think that is true … The body has to be aligned and ready for this…I choose now not to provide the proof …  I still have no evidence that I am actually “Living On Light” … I would say that the “Living On Light” experiment has been amazingly successful. 

She is clearly still in complete denial about the reality of all this.

People successfully fool others with crazy beliefs, but nature and basic human biology cannot be fooled.


  • I blogged about Breatharianism a year ago, you can read that earlier posting here.

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