#royalbaby overload

Why oh why have vast swathes of the UK population gone quite frankly nuts? As an acknowledgement of this new reality, the BBC is offering wall-to-wall coverage of what is essentially no news at all.

OK, this is hard to type, so lets get it out … I confess, I’m a republican … (shudders, did I really type that). What I mean of course is no sudden liking for the US nutters party – the GOP, but rather the idea that when it comes to determining who gets to lead the nation, an accident of birth within a rather inbred gene pool is perhaps not the best idea. That leads us to the possibility of being led by somebody completely devoid of any ability to think rationally. In fact, its not just a possibility, when it comes to Charles, it is a certainty.

So clearly, when it comes to the idea that the individual who rules should not actually be selected, but should instead simply  be the first born of the previous ruler, well I’m more than a bit skeptical, because as Feynman once observed, having a hereditary leader makes as much sense as having a hereditary physicist.

Am I alone in thinking like this? Apparently not … Ben Goldacre, like me, can perhaps kiss any possibility of a knighthood farewell …

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The Onion also joins in with

700LONDON—Sources close to Buckingham Palace are confirming that members of the Royal Family convened today to celebrate the infant prince’s first meal. “The queen herself couldn’t help but laugh and smile when His Royal Highness hungrily gobbled down his first bite,”

The UK’s Guardian also recognises Royal overload, and has on its website a “Republican” and “Royalist” option that can be toggled to turn all this non-news on and off … so they still get to keep me as a reader.

Perhaps the final word, a reality check for all the Royal mania comes from @TheTweetOfGod:
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