#Election2020 is here – who did you vote for?


There are two very big ticket issues in play in #Election2020. Normally such issues should not be in play, but because one candidate is an idiot and does not have your best interests in mind, then here we are.

#Election2020 – Climate

This is the number one greatest issue that our species has ever faced. Tomorrow on Wednesday 4th the US is set to be out of the Paris Agreement. Yes, he pulled the US out a long time ago, but legally, once you declare your intent to exit, the clock starts ticking and day zero for that timeline, that was baked into the agreement, is tomorrow.

Biden has vowed to re-enter the Paris accord if elected, a move that could take less than six months.

Your vote is a vote to either begin to address climate change or to not address climate change.

#Election2020 – COVID-19

Trump is once again back into denial mode and is not only ignoring the subject matter experts, a skill he has mastered into a fine art, but has been claiming, falsely that doctors get paid for a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Right now, as I write this, the official COVID-19 body count is 231,562. The impact is actually greater than that.

None of it was inevitable, it was all very preventable. He might, as some claim, have really been doing his best. “his best” is the consequence of electing an incompetent idiot to office. There have been many missed opportunities, delay, denial, and lies. The net result is a rapidly rising body count and no plans to do anything about it.

The lives of many are on the ballot.

Your Vote matters

If at this point your are still not sure and are seriously considering Trump, then you need to hit pause and appreciate that a vote for the idiot is a vote against the climate and is also a vote for many many more deaths from COVID-19.

Perhaps you might be considering him because you are not exactly thrilled by Biden. If so, then consider the bus metaphor.

Elections tend to be akin to going from your house into town. There is no bus that will wait for you at your front door and then carry you directly to the exact spot you want to get to. There will most probably be a bus that will take you in the right direction.

Voting for Biden is a vote that puts us all on a different course, one where we will begin to address the climate change challenge and were we will begin to do something about COVID-19. The alternative to either is quite frankly unthinkable.


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