Zionists stole my shoe – #MossadStoleMyShoe

Asghar Bukhari is the founder of the controversial Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), a group that has made headlines by promoting an anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist conspiracy theory agenda. Well, the news is that all of that past attention now pales into insignificance when compared to the truly bizarre Facebook posting he has put up. In it he claims that Zionist agents came into his home while he was asleep, stole one of his shoes and then left the other behind so that he would know they had been there.

He is not kidding, and this is not satire or parody, he is dead serious about this …


In response, the above has had 186 likes, and 116 shares. I suspect he might consider all that to be support and not actually grasp the thought that quite a few are ticking like and sharing because they are laughing at him.

Now you might be thinking that perhaps his account has been hacked and this is indeed a prank, but no, here he is on YouTube yesterday explaining it all and telling the story of his stolen shoe …

My Favourite Quote …

All your games are about trying to ridicule me, well that won’t work

Is it a Zionist Conspiracy?

If you are struggling to grasp the correct answer there, then let me clear something up for you, it is not normal to post 15 minutes videos on YouTube about zionist spies sneaking into your house, stealing just one shoe and moving your slippers.

So what is really going on is this – If you have worked with or lived with people who tragically suffer from mental illness then you will be aware that those who suffer from paranoid delusions talk exactly like this – in other words, this guy needs help. Alas, he will be so immersed in this that he will truly believe he is indeed a target for shoe stealing zionist spies and so will be completely oblivious to his condition. Psychosis by its very nature is a bit of a catch-22 because those suffering from it tend not to be aware that they are in need of help, and instead what they perceive as real is from their viewpoint quite real, so any insistence that what they are claiming is a delusion will be perceived to be a delusion.

What really happened?

If you watch the video it soon becomes clear that in his house there are both curious toddlers and cats, so knowing that, can you possibly make the leap to a far more rational conclusion?

The real concern here is that this guy is the self-appointed spokesman for all UK Muslims and the media will sometimes have him on to comment on various events. In his current condition he will proceed to spout Zionist conspiracy theories, and that really will not help.

One can only wonder what will happen next, perhaps the zionists will break in and leave him an opened can of diet coke in the fridge.

Meanwhile on twitter …

The hash tag is #MossadStoleMyShoe and of course everybody is taking his claim very seriously …




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