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World Weather AttributionToday is a bit of website promotion, namely World Weather Attribution …

World Weather Attribution (WWA) is an international effort to analyze and communicate the possible influence of climate change on extreme weather events, such as storms, extreme rainfall, heat waves, cold spells, and droughts.

WWA is a partnership of Climate Central, the University of Oxford Environmental Change Institute (Oxford ECI), the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the University of Melbourne, and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (the Climate Centre). Climate Central also administers WWA. WWA was initiated in late 2014 after the scientific community concluded that the emerging science of extreme event attribution could be operationalized.

LINK: Is here

How good is it?

Good is of course a relative term, and so what might be good for some, is something that is not all that great for others.

In the context of Climate Change the details can be complex and so one potential measure of “Good” is to look and see how well it breaks down complex information in a manner that makes it useful and informative for everybody, and is not exclusive to the core group of subject matter experts who are expected to be familiar with the existing body of work.

In other words …

  • Is it reliable? – Tick
  • Do the articles use technobabble terms that befuddle and confuse those not familiar with them? – Nope
  • Who is the target audience? – People who are interested in the topic?
  • Is it way too simplistic? – No, is it precise and evidence-based.

So let’s take a brief look at the latest posting.

Trends in Weather Extremes — February 2018

Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, a Senior Researcher, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute posted up the results of their analysis a few days ago.

Here are the 2017 heat extremes …

In this analysis a heat extreme is simply defined as the highest daily average temperature of the year. Our trend analysis shows that almost everywhere these heat extremes are now warmer than a century ago, following the obvious first-order connection with global average temperature.

The conclusion the analysis reaches is this …

Observations of weather extremes show the expected long-term trends in line with the increase of the global average temperature: almost everywhere hotter heat extremes, almost everywhere less frigid cold extremes, in general more intense precipitation, but with variations from region to region, and more damage from hurricanes through more precipitation and higher storm surges. Other extremes are not so simply related to climate change, and we are undertaking background research to make rapid attribution of these extremes possible.

My point is this. Here is a wholly unbiased politically neutral source with solid robust data that demonstrates the reality of climate change. If you still truly believe that climate change is a myth then you have either not been paying attention or you have been digesting sources such as Brietbart or Fox News with the delusion that they relay facts. You should widen your sources so that you gain a deeper better view of what is actually happening.

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  1. Facts are facts and the fact is that climate change outcomes will be far less immediate than the outcomes for this planet due to nuclear annihilation. So why is this fact seemingly ignored by politicians, corporations, the media and scientists and has money anything to do with it? Can we have a nice colourful chart please to help explain it!

  2. And if you think this is all legit, don’t be naive, just follow the money. Climate is always changing.

  3. So you’re supposed to be an “objective information source reviewer” but snarkily finish your assessment by dismissing out-of-hand conservative news sources (Breitbart and FOX), thereby revealing your progressive/leftist bias…

    This is called “being informed” in 2021. We’re in a second Dark Ages, folks.


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