Franklin Graham is trying to police Rainbow usage

This one truly takes the biscuit, and involves a posting made by Franklin Graham, the son of the famous Billy Graham.

This is what popped up on Facebook …

_8__Franklin_Graham_-_The_President_had_the_White_House_lit_up_in___… and yes, I was one of the early commenters, but after 47,000 comments mine has been buried in all the noise the posting generated, and would you believe that it has been shared over 134 thousand times, and also liked over 340,000 times, so clearly rather a lot of people can quite happily declare themselves to be homophobic bigots in public.

Least you wonder, yes it really is him, and no, it is not a spoof or satire account, that big tick against his name indicates that FB has verified it.


If indeed his rant is way too wordy to read, then here is a quick translation for you ..

The president supports the right of people to have the freedom to marry the person they love, and so I’m really upset that he does not permit me to stop them from doing that.

People getting married to whom they love is wicked and evil, and interfering and stopping them from doing that, especially when it is none of my business, is the high moral ground.

My specific god is going to be terribly upset about all this, because my god is a real dick when it comes to stuff like this.


While many of the commenters are spewing meaningless religious babble, some of them do indeed get it ….

“A lot of what I am reading on this page is one example of why people mock Christians, beginning with the comments by Graham.”

you can personally have whatever belief or opinion that you want about whether gay marriage is good or bad, sinful or not. However, as long as it does not impede upon your own personal beliefs (and it will not), you do not have the right to extrapolate your own personal religious beliefs onto others and try to dictate how they can or cannot live their life in the United States. It’s as simple as that.If you wan’t to believe that your god’s law is the only law that you will obey,that’s fine too.Just don’t expect that to work out if you are in the business of issuing marriage licenses.Other than that you can whine,cry,protest,issue threats of hell to complete strangers,condemn.It’s your right! Enjoy!”

Last Comment goes to …

It really is ripe for satire and mockery, and so perhaps Stephen Colbert should have the final word on this one …

Christianity is the best way to cure gayness. Just get on your knees, take a swig of wine and accept the body of a man into your mouth” – Stephen Colbert

… and I might also add, that this is often delivered by an elderly male virgin wearing a dress.

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